Nick Wright explains why historically no player is more underrated than Drew Brees in the NFL right now

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk Drew Brees on today's show. Nick explains why Brees is underrated despite his career accomplishments.

NICK WRIGHT: I think there is no player that, in a historical context, in the NFL right now, is more under-rated than Drew Brees. By the end of this week or next week, he's going to have thrown for more yards than anybody ever. The game you did see, he set the all time completions record, and he is 44 touchdowns away, 45, from the all time touch down record. So there is a good chance he's going to hold the Triple Crown of quarterbacking when he retires. Completions, yards, touchdowns.

And nobody talks about him as one of the five best quarterbacks ever. Nobody talks about him as one of the two or three best quarterbacks of his own era. He's never won a league MVP. Never won a league MVP. So yes, he is historically underrated because of that era of quarterbacks he's played with.