Cris Carter outlines what it is going to take for LeBron to make it work with his new point guard

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Cris Carter talks NBA to today's show. Hear what Cris has to say about LeBron James and Lonzo Ball relationship on the Los Angeles Lakers.

- What the veteran players have told us, in talking with Shane Battier, in talking with Dwyane Wade, in talking with--

NICK WRIGHT: Richard Jefferson.

- --Richard Jefferson, Birdman I talked to, and all these guys had a different level of respect for LeBron, because they were competing against him. They knew what a great player-- now, these younger players, they just only been in the league one or two years. LeBron has a reputation, but they haven't had much interaction. And LeBron has opened himself up to a number of team-building exercises.

I mean, they do a lot of things, going to games together. You can see the Cavs. They jumped on a plane, went to the big Ohio State game, where they are on the sideline. So LeBron has done-- and some of these veterans said that LeBron is the best teammate that they've ever had. I just hope that-- I know he's got a lot of things going on off the field. I know he's got a family. But I hope he doesn't close that door to those younger players. And I hope that he's as inviting as he's been the last several years.

I know when we drafted Randy Moss, one of the things-- I asked Randy, forget about what I like to do. I mean, we're two different generations. What do you like to do? And he was like, man, I really like to fish. Man, I like to fish a lot. And I'm like, man, we're gonna buy a boat. He was like, what? Yeah, I'mma buy a bass boat. So we spent, I'm talking about hundreds of hours, Minnesota, in all the tri-state area, south Florida fishing. We went to Georgia one time on a fishing trip.

But I had to make sure that I invited him, that I want him to be a part of my life. And he let me in his life, and it made a special interaction there between us. So I just hope LeBron continues to be open to doing these things, Jenna.