Nick Wright on the Lakers: ‘The most important relationship on the court is between LeBron and Lonzo’

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter discuss the Los Angeles Lakers on today's show. Nick explains what he thinks is the biggest adjustment for LeBron James on the Lakers. Do you agree with Nick?

- If he plays slow, the team will play slow. If he tries to get out and push it, they will get out and push it. The team is going to go how he goes, which is why I think on the court, the most important relationship this season on the court-- because, see, your points off the court are well-taken. Richard Jefferson has talked about the greatest teammate he's ever had. But it's easier to--

- Yes. A lot of team-building exercise. A lot of things he invites-- buys things, goes places. There's a lot of things that we don't see from all the superstars.

NICK WRIGHT: But it's easier doing that when you're working with guys your age, your generation, who also have kids, who might have wives, who aren't out there like-- if I'm Brandon Ingram, my idea of a good time on a night off is probably hitting some club in LA. And if I'm LeBron James or Richard Jefferson or Channing Frye, my idea of a good time on a night off is probably that expensive wine they like, you know? It's a nice meal.

And so bridging the generation gap is a real thing when LeBron's in year 16 and the best players on the Lakers are in years 2, 3, and 4. But on the court, the relationship I'm most interested in is he and Lonzo. Because if he and Lonzo sync up basketball-intellectually, then the Lakers will be the best passing team this side of Golden State.


- You will have two brilliant, unselfish basketball players. And I think that's the part of Lonzo's game LeBron can unlock even further. And even though Ingram's the second best player, that's the most important relationship on the Lakers.