Nick Wright believes Dez Bryant wants to play for the Cowboys ‘more than he wants to play football’

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk NFL on today's show. Hear what Nick has to say about Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys

- You can't draw any other conclusion. They don't have, other than my man MC Cole Beasley, they don't have a single wide receiver on pace for 400 yards, 400.


- They-- man, I'm telling you, Deonte Thompson's got 83.


- No, I'm looking at it. They played four games, right? That's a quarter of the season. Deonte Thompson's their leading receiver, other than Beasley. He's got 83 yards. 83 times 4, that's 332 yards. So he's there. He's on pace for 332.

You got Allen Hurns, he's on pace for 324. Those are their two leading outside the number receivers. So I know Dez isn't what he was, but he better than that. And he know-- he doesn't have to move. He lives there. He seemingly would take maybe a more friendly deal than the one he rejected in Cleveland. He wants to play for the Cowboys. Like, I think he might want to play for the Cowboys right now more than he wants to play pro football. Because it's one thing to turn down the Ravens' offer, the first offer. Sometimes the first offer-- sometimes you're told, never take the first offer. Sometimes you look back, and like, damn. That first offer--

JENNA WOLFE: You should say what the first offer was. Three years, $21 million.

- Three years, $21 million. But we also don't know. That could have essentially been one year, $7 million.

JENNA WOLFE: I'd take it.

ERIC MANGINI: After you say that, you want to go, wah, wah, wah--



ERIC MANGINI: --based of where he is now.

- Right, exactly.


- Then-- but the fact that, after that happened, he then tried to hardball Cleveland on a one-year deal, speaks to me, either the guy is totally delusional, or doesn't actually want to play for anyone other than the Cowboys. Which the rub then, to me, is, to circle back to your point, I think Dak-- I'm not saying he should do this, or he would do this. But I think if Dak Prescott walked into Jerry Jones' office today and said, we need Dez, I think they would bring back Dez.

I'm not saying Dak is the reason he's gone. I'm not saying Dak walked into his office and said, get rid of him. But I do believe, if Dak said, we are the 30th ranked passing offense, we have a 30th in points, we need Dez Bryant, Jerry clearly still has love for him. I think they bring him back. For some reason, Dak would rather have 20 yards a game from Allen Hurns and Deonte Thompson.