Nick Wright reacts to Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher grabbing a player’s face mask

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter react to Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher grabbing Tyrel Dodson's face mask in recent game.

- You don't have to do that. And the part of this that-- and I'm glad you said college, high school, little league-- we don't see this in the pros. But I would have such a smaller issue with it in the pros because the--

CRIS CARTER: No. You're not gonna see this in the pros. I would have more of a problem with it in pro football.

- Well, the reason I say it is this is the power dynamic is so skewed. You've got one guy who's not only a grown man, but the highest paid employee in the state of Texas, against a guy-- kid on scholarship. And it's-- it is-- there's a reason that there are certain things that used to happen that don't happen anymore.

Now I will say I've learned something on the intense college coach front. I believe there is not a better human being that's a college coach than Frank Martin of-- the South Carolina basketball coach there. Now he is-- he's become famous for, like, his Frankenstein look, and screaming, and yelling. He would lay down in traffic for his players. And to a man-- every player that's ever played for him loves him.

And so visually, sometimes I see it. I'm like, man, that's bullying. That's ridiculous. And some guys, that's how they communicate. But nobody gets to communicate by putting their hands on you. Nobody does. I'm not-- I'm not here to say in sports, it's like a regular office. Why do you have to yell? I get it. It's a different workplace.

Like, effective leaders in other workplaces don't scream and yell. But in athletics, they do. I get it. But you can't put your hands on the kid. You can't. And I-- he-- he kind of-- he didn't really apologize. He-- he said, I didn't grab him and jerk him. He did grab him and jerk him. Your point is you misremember it to a degree.

I also don't think it's fair to go to the kid. What's the kid gonna say? But the kid of course is gonna say, no, no, no, it's all good. And maybe it is all good. And maybe the kid was potentially gonna get himself thrown out of a football game, or he was gonna go out of control. If I'm the regents at Texas A&M, when I give Jimbo Fisher a 10-year, $75 million contract, it's-- one of the reasons is you can communicate your message effectively without--

FEMALE COMMENTATOR: Without having to touch the player.

- Without using physical-- being physically imposing on a guy. Like, I think that's a real part of it. And so I just-- it's unnecessary. And it's good that it's no longer a big part of sports-- even football.