Cris Carter and Nick Wright grade Baker Mayfield’s 1st career start

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter discuss Baker Mayfield's first career start in Cleveland's loss to the Oakland Raiders.

- I'm going to give him a C. I would have flunked him. But he threw the ball too well.

You can tell he's a star in this league. Being young in this league and lack of experience, especially with a team that hadn't won a lot-- so it's different than taking over some different teams. This whole roster hadn't won a lot. And you could see that in the young quarterback yesterday.

- Yeah, I'm going to give him a B. And if you didn't watch the game, and you just look at the box score, you're like, how, with those four turnovers, two of them interceptions? But man, he threw the ball really well.

One of the picks was tipped, and that ended up getting returned. He's got to be better with ball security. I understand that. But they scored 42 points. He was throwing dimes.

And he had some bad drops. Njoku dropped a bad one. Jarvis dropped a bad one.

The Browns offense is not why they didn't win yesterday. It was their defense and some officiating miscues. I thought Baker-- if you were a Browns fan, you would've liked to win, but you've got to be encouraged by Baker once again looking really good. I give him a B.