Cris Carter on Earl Thomas’ gesture to Seattle’s sideline: ‘That’s not a classy move — not the way to go out’

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Cris Carter and Nick Wright react to Earl Thomas' inappropriate gesture to Seattle's sideline while being carted off the field after suffering an injury.

- I wish we didn't see it. Earl's been a lot classier than that-- when he was at the University of Texas, as a high draft pick in the NFL. Now, he's been in dispute with the team over getting a contract extension. But the truth of the matter is, Seattle is the one who drafted him. They're the one who put those other defensive players around him so that he can create the legacy that he has.

The Seattle Seahawks has made him rich. Now, I don't know what they did to deserve that, but that's just not the way to go out. Even if he was disgruntled, even if they've had intense discussions oft, there was no way to do that.

Because it's not about Seattle anymore, Earl. That's your brand. It wasn't the Seattle Seahawks. That was Earl Thomas. That wasn't-- it's not going to be an indictment on the organization.

The coach tried to play it off. It's a big stadium. Don't-- Bobby Wagner talked after the game, saying, you know, it's an emotional game, and sometimes people act emotionally. You have to give him a chance to act emotionally. But this is bad for his brand. All right?

Earl, you're bigger than that. Football's been good to you. Seattle's been good to you. All right? Don't get caught up in the business of it.

He's upset they didn't sign him to a contract extension. That's part of the business. You ain't the only one that didn't get a contract extension. But you can always-- it only takes this much, and the difference between class and A-S-S, it's a big difference. But that's what Earl was right now. And he didn't-- because that was not a classy move.

- And it is a reminder though just-- take the flipping the team off aside-- of how quickly all these teams turn over. Forget Seattle's Super Bowl win. The year after the Super Bowl they lost to New England, you know how many starters next week will be the starters from that game? Five guys. Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Doug Baldwin, and a couple offensive linemen. That's it.

That wasn't a decade ago. That was less than five years ago that they played in that game. They have five starters left on that-- from the team that made its second straight Super Bowl and was a yard away from winning that Super--