Nick Wright on MItchell Trubisky’s 6 touchdowns in Bears’ 48-10 win over the Bucs

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk NFL on today's show. Hear what Nick had to say about Mitch Trubisky's 6 TDs in Chicago Bears 48-10 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

- If Mitch Trubisky can just be an average quarterback this year, then they absolutely can be the best team in the NFC North. The Vikings, I have real concerns about where their defense has gone, basically, since the NFC championship game. That I understand the storylines. All these great wide receivers. And [INAUDIBLE] Case, and now they've got Cousins. But that team's identity was defense, and it's been gone since that NFC championship game.

We know that the Packers are going to come and go as Aaron Rodgers does. Now typically, that works out well, but that's not an overly talented team. The Bears have a tremendous defense. They've drafted well offensively as far as [INAUDIBLE] Cohens, an interesting skill position guy. Jordan Howard is a guy that I know yesterday didn't have-- I don't even think played yesterday. But Jordan Howard's a guy that you can typically rely on.

- Yeah, they've been utilizing him.

NICK WRIGHT: And then I like Trey Burton, Allen Robinson. The question was, did they whiff on their quarterback, the quarterback that they traded up to get? They were sitting at three. They wanted them so badly. They moved up to two, passed on the homes, passed on Watson. This is our guy. Is he bad was the question?

He doesn't have to do this obviously. If he can just be OK, then could the Bears win 10 or 11 games? Yes. Could 10 or 11 games win that division? Yes, I just don't know if this is an aberration game, or if this is the game. It's like, oh, it clicked for Mitch Trubisky.