Nick Wright discusses Frank Reich’s questionable 4th down call as Colts fall to Texans in OT

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Eric Mangini joins Nick Wright and Cris Carter to discuss the Indianapolis Colts 37-34 loss to the Houston Texans. Hear what Nick has to say about Frank Reich's questionable call.

- I don't think that it was the right call to go for it. But there were way worse coaching calls all throughout the day in the NFL. Calls that are no brainers. Calls like-- to call a timeout at the end of the half. The Giants and Steelers blew that. The Texans, in this game themselves, in-- before overtime and during overtime. Calls that aren't a questionable decision. And I-- the way this was covered during the game, as if Frank Reich was coaching malpractice, I think is totally unfair.

I understand why he would do it. He's feeling-- if I punt the ball here, it's-- we have 0% chance to win. If I go for it-- now, they still have about another 15 yards to gain. They didn't have timeouts. That's why I didn't love the decision was-- even if they pick it up, you still might end up with a tie. But-- but the other side of it is, if we don't get it, we-- the Texans are going to have to execute. They're going to have to get at least 10 yards in about 20 seconds in order for them to have a field goal, because they were not in-- Ka-- Ka'imi Fairbairn's field goal range from that moment.

So I understand why he did it. I don't think it was the right call. But I don't think it was an egregious call, the way I felt it was discussed during the game and the commentary after the game. It was-- It was treated as if it was a no-brainer that he made the wrong decision. And if you're in the-- if he's looking at the division and saying-- man, a tie is as good as a loss if we're trying to win this division. If we're trying to catch Jacksonville or catch Tennessee. Like that-- that half game is not going to help us-- it's-- Having a half game more in a loss column is not going to hurt us as much as having a half game more in the win column would help us.