Nick Wright on the struggling Steelers : ‘It’s panic time in Pittsburgh’

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter recap the Pittsburgh Steelers loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Hear why Nick think it's time to panic in Pittsburgh.

- Well, how can you pinpoint what went wrong for Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense?

- Well, I mean, the-- they got lucky. This game was about to be a blowout. They forced that fumble on the goal line. The offense then all of a sudden gets in sync. And they're 14-14 at the half.

And at that point, I thought, OK, you dodged a bullet. You've slowed the Ravens. Your offense is clicking.

And then in the second half, the Steelers offense went to sleep. 47 yards in the second half, of a huge game? No running attack whatsoever. And really, they haven't had much of a rushing attack since that week one performance, where they ended up tying Cleveland.

And Big Ben wasn't sharp. It is-- we talked last week how if the Patriots were to lose, it would be panic time in New England. Oh, it's panic time in Pittsburgh.

This team-- they cannot defend the deep ball. The Ravens-- they were lucky the Ravens only scored 26, because they were one of five in the red zone. They were holding them to field goals late. And Tucker's just automatic. He's unbelievable.

But the Steelers right now-- what do they do great? In this game, it should have been the aerial attack. They couldn't get on the same page as Antonio Brown. Antonio Brown after the game says, can't throw it to myself. Like, so there's that ain't great.

L-Bell's not there. The defense is having troubles. And they don't lose these games.

Big Ben's 21 and 3 at home in prime time games in his career. Like, big games at Heinz Field-- they don't lose. This is-- everything went wrong in the second half for Pittsburgh. And I don't have a lot of answers for them right now. Right now, they look to me to be the most disappointing team in football.