Nick Wright reacts to Zeke’s outstanding, dominant performance against the Lions

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter discuss Ezekiel Elliott's performance in the Dallas Cowboys 26-24 win over the Detroit Lions.

- Special players make special plays. And Zeke should have been surprised. In his NFL career, that's the first time he's ever been targeted more than 10 yards downfield. So whatever passes they've thrown to him, none of them have ever been more than 10 yards downfield until this play. And man, he made it count. I mean this was I mean, basically this and the field goal, the biggest plays of the game.

Maher has to go make that field goal. But this is exactly what we talked about. Jenna, you're right. Because it wasn't just that hammering Zeke was effective. All of a sudden, they can take a few deep shots offensively outside of that play. They went into this football game with two pass plays on the year-- or one pass play on the year greater than 20 yards. Yesterday they had four greater than 30 yards. Like, it wasn't-- there was a screen to Zeke. There was that play to Zeke.

But Geoff Swaim had one, Michael Gallup had one. And if Dak's going to be effective. It's not going to be the 72% Drew Brees completions. It's going to have to be with some shots downfield. This is exactly what Dallas has to do. Now, a critic would say you had Zeke's career best game and it took a field goal and the gun to win. I get that.

But they had to win. Philly couldn't win. Their division is all of a sudden they look at-- they say OK. We're a game behind Washington or a half game behind Washington in our division. We'll deal with that. Zeke was outstanding. And if you're Dallas, you do have to have a little regret because you didn't give Zeke a chance to be this outstanding through three weeks. I also wonder why it took so long but better late than never I suppose.