Cris Carter believes Carson Wentz will be a superstar in Week 1

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Cris Carter and Nick Wright discuss Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz on today's show. Cris explains why he believes Wentz will be a superstar for a long time.

- --that you would-- could you account for, I don't know, some sort of adjustment period-- a little bit of rust coming off the injury you had-- to just get thrown back in. Would it take a couple of games for him to get his timing, the rhythm back, the relationship with the-- with the receivers? Does that factor in at all?

- Carson Wentz is a superstar. All right? He's going to be a superstar. And I believe he'll be a superstar in week number one. I mean, he is a horse.

He is a great athlete. And he has the type of offensive weapons around him-- and the protection-- so the confidence in the offensive line. If he had a spotty offensive line, if he didn't have three running backs the way he does have, if he didn't have three veteran receivers-- which he does have-- yeah, I might be concerned-- which Derrick Carr didn't have those things.

Marcus Mariota didn't have those things. And all of them went through adjustments as far as coaching changes, coordinators, and everything. So all the things Carson Wentz-- he doesn't have-- he has a stable franchise. All right? He's got a guy behind him in the backup who don't want to be the starter and realizes he's a stud.

He's got a young, up and coming coach. He's got the support of the organization. And you know what else that-- that Tennessee and Oakland didn't have? He didn't have a great defense. So he can sit back, he can hand the ball off.

He can come back gradually. They can expand this offense as time seems fit. But I believe that's gonna be week number one. Carson Wentz is going to be a superstar and continue to be a superstar in this league for a long time.