Cris Carter evaluates Baker Mayfield’s performance in Cleveland Browns preseason debut

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Cris Carter discusses Baker Mayfield's Cleveland Browns preseason debut against the New York Giants.

- If you start your career playing against the New York football Giants, I played against the Giants a bunch of times. Drafted by Philadelphia. Just being in that stadium with that crowd in your debut, and you're used to going out there with the first unit. Oh, but you don't. Tyrod is the starter. And he starts off with a sensational, I mean, you can't start better than he started. And you have to sit there. You have to make sure you gauge your enthusiasm. You have to watch the coverages and everything.

So his ability to build the sit there as a superstar, Heisman Trophy winner, first pick in the draft and be calm enough that he can come in and be very effective in the second and third quarter, that's the first thing. I know people won't be saying, I didn't look at that that way. But that's hard to do when you're a superstar player.

But the way he ran the organization, you can see that the Browns in their future, it's going to be bright with Baker Mayfield. You can see why NFL franchise didn't want people to know. But this little guy can play pro football. He can throw the football. He was not a product of the system at Oklahoma.

He has the arm strength. He has the type of leadership ability that people are gravitate to him. You can see him making tough throws on third down, not being able to step in, and hit the guy deep across the middle. Getting rushed out of the pocket, being able to throw deep down the sideline where only the wide receiver could get the football.

I was very impressed at how he played quarterback. So that right there, he understood what his limitations were. When he had bad plays, he didn't allow those plays to turn into catastrophic plays. Man, the Cleveland Browns, man, you got to be happy with their overall selection after seeing him play a little less than two quarters.