Are the Celtics NBA Finals favorites? Nick Wright and Cris Carter weigh in

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter discuss Jalen Brown's prediction that the Boston Celtics will make the NBA Finals this season.

- And like the Warriors-- excuse me-- they have the ability to sustain an injury or two. All right? You start guys missing with nagging stuff. Even something not significant. They're able to do that. You also-- you have to bake that into what team is good. Houston, last year. They could do that. This year, they can't do that.

- And when CC says Houston can sustain an injury-- not that-- not talking about Chris Paul-- but they sustained the Mbah a Moute injury fine. They had lost-- they lost guys-- Harden for a few weeks during the regular season. That was no big deal. Like, they had that level of depth.

To me, every Celtics discussion when it comes to the Finals-- and it just is-- it's for full disclosure to the audience-- is also a Sixers discussion. Because that's the team that if they--

- But that was going to be my question, because you mentioned him too-- CC-- The Sixers got a lot of talent. And nobody is gonna take that away from them. So, let's say our boys just talking here. What does-- what do the Celtics have to do to make that a real statement so that they are-- I don't know-- far and away, if you want to say, more likely than the 76ers to be in the Finals.

- The number one thing after Gordon Hayward getting back to full strength is Kyrie Irving's got to compromise. He's got to be able to give up the ball and be able to play within a system. We talked about Golden State and what they really do. The passing, that part is really organic. That part is magnificent to watch.

Can the Celtics be that? Can Kyrie Irving be something that he has never wanted to be? And I believe that is where the team is able to grow.

- And that's the point that I-- that I was alluding to with the Celtics offense being 18. And I understand that was without Kyrie. And Tatum will be better. And Brown will be better. But as good as Kyrie-- without Kyrie for the end of the year, without Hayward for the whole thing-- as good as Kyrie was, before Kyrie got hurt-- and he was scoring the same number of points he scored in Cleveland-- it was still a mediocre offense.

That's your point is that now that you have this other talent around you, this is the most-- the deepest team Kyrie has ever played on. This is the team with the most B-level players or above Kyrie has ever played on. Cleveland, they didn't-- they had LeBron. So it offset those other things.

I just-- the reason I said, for me, it's always a Sixers discussion is, I think Joel Embiid is going to be one of the 10 best players in the league next year. And I think by the end of next season, Ben Simmons and Kyrie are going to be eye to eye as far as best point guard in the East. And so, I can't-- I-- if people think, oh, you're skeptical on the Celtics--

- Don't forget the mystery player though. If we're going to talk about Philadelphia.

NICK WRIGHT: Markelle Fultz.

- Yes. Who is he? Where is he? And what kind of a player is he going to be?

- Because the Sixers got as much from Markelle Fultz last year as the Celtics did out of Gordon Hayward. Which was nothing. And so, for Hayward, it was because he broke his leg. For Fultz, it was because he got the yips after a shoulder injury.

So, I just-- I don't want people to think I think the Celtics are going to win 45 games. I think they'll probably win 55 games. I just think the Sixers might be better.

- Oh, you definitely can never carry out these particular Philadelphia Sixers.