Cris Carter : Warriors ‘brought out the best in LeBron James’

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In his conversation on NBA veteran Andre Iguodala's comment that the Warriors aren't ruining the NBA, Cris Carter reveals to Nick Wright why he thinks the Warriors dominance has brought out the best in LeBron James. Do you agree with Cris?

- I don't think it's good-- I don't think it's good going into the league, going into a season when the intrigue is about next offseason. I happen to not believe that's good. And so I don't think it's ruining-- ruining is too strong of a word-- but no, I don't like it. And I certainly don't like it even more--

- No, the ruining part is not true. Because the NBA right now is as popular as it's ever been from a branding standpoint, from a viewer standpoint, from clicks daily, Instagram, Twitter. If you look at all those things, if you look at our show, all right, in the month where we didn't have anything but NBA and offseason, all right, we did well.

So it's doing well for the brand. It's growing basketball. It's not what we prefer to see. But one thing that I've said-- and about LeBron, I said this to Nick recently was-- what the Warriors have done, it brought out the best in LeBron James and he's the best player in the world. So you can say it hurt basketball overall who can win a championship? Yes. And it's only going to last for a certain period of time.