Doug Gottlieb and Chris Broussard react to LeBron at his son’s AAU game

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Chris Broussard and Doug Gottlieb react to LeBron James at his son’s Bronny’s AAU game. Chris and Doug share their thoughts on LeBron putting on a dunk display for the fans. Additionally, Chris explains how LeBron moving to Los Angeles will impact LeBron Jr. and how he handles pressure.

- Here's all the takeaway that you should use, OK? I coach youth basketball. I coach my son. We have an AAU program that my dad, my late father, had run for 30 years. Is he yelling at the refs, right?

Is he a positive or negative influence on the game? He's not yelling at the refs. He's not chastising them. He's not chasing them off the floor. He's not, you know, mf-ing his kids up and down.

- He did go at it with an AAU mom, he said.

- He said in "Barbershop," he got into it with an AAU mom.

- But what was it over? What was the context of it, right? Was it somebody complaining about my kid not getting enough shots or whatever? Is he usurping the power of his head coach? Is he allowing the head coach to coach Bronny?

Like, these are things, if we start hearing, hey, LeBron's intimidating officials. LeBron is yelling at other kids to pass to Bronny, right? If LeBron is giving Bronny a pass on not playing any defense, not playing the right way, then I got an issue with it. But the team won the game. And, by the way, in addition to being a great experience, how intimidating is that if you're at the other end of the court-- you're like, wait, what?

- I'm surprised the other guy wasn't standing there looking. They were just going about--

- They are.

- --doing their own business.

- And they won-- by the way, they won the National Championship. They won that game. They won that thing in layup lines because everybody else is, like, oh my god, we're playing against LeBron's kid.

- Will it help Bronny, I mean, given the scrutiny he's under, with his father being LeBron James? Do you think it helps being in Los Angeles, rather than being in Cleveland or being around Akron?

- What I'll say is, look, being in Cleveland, the pressure may have been-- you certainly didn't get as much media attention. Although, now with technology, you get it everywhere. But being in Cleveland, Akron-- going to the same high school as LeBron-- that would have been, maybe, more pressure than what he's gonna face in LA. But here's the thing.

And I say this about the Balls, because their dad, obviously, is not LeBron. But he puts that type of pressure on them with his proclamations. Looking at Lonzo, it looks like, for all his flaws, he can handle pressure. He can handle the big stage. Some of his best games were Madison Square Garden, for the first time-- against LeBron, for the first time.

So I think he's used to playing under pressure because of all the proclamations his dad made. Now I look at that with LeBron Jr., because for his whole life, he's been LeBron Jr. and everybody's compared him to his dad. Maybe that will enable him to handle pressure like very few other kids can.

- And this is really unprecedented, you know. Like, I called Michael Jordan's kids' games. But Michael Jordan wasn't at the games. He wasn't as active. He wasn't helping coach AAU basketball.

- And they were not-- he's, what, a top-25 player in his class, Bronny?

- Right.

- They were not that good. I mean, they were good, but not on that level.

- Completely correct. They were not even close. They were, you know, barely Division 1 players, really. And, so, we have not had the son of other kids. Now, in Los Angeles, you got Scotty Pippen's kid. You got Kenyon Martin's kid.

You have other kids, now, of former NBA stars. And I think the fascinating thing is gonna be, wait until you see the high school that he picks and the AAU team they put together. Because all of these kids have been moving or coming to LA-- with the private schools and playing AAU basketball-- for years there. And, now, how are you gonna turn down the chance to play for LeBron James' son's team-- Bronny's team-- when LeBron is gonna pick up the phone and say, do you want to play for our AAU team? I mean, do you want to-- who's gonna say no to that?

So it's gonna be fascinating. Will it help or hurt Bronny? It doesn't really matter. There's gonna be-- no matter where he goes, he's LeBron James' son. And he has chosen to play a sport that LeBron James has dominated for the better part of the last decade. That--