Stu Jackson defends KD’s decision to join the Warriors

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Former NBA head coach Stu Jackson joins Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe to discuss Kevin Durant and CJ MCCollum's twitter exchange.

- Yeah, and I can understand and I can see that you're really upset. I mean, I view this slightly different, as two people sitting down in the brotherhood, trash talking that got out of hand. But one thing you have to understand about K.D, just my observation, is that-- listen, he uses social media in the wrong way. It's a misguided way. He doesn't use it to promote his brand. He uses it to react and respond, which is the wrong tack to take.

But as I listen to the audio-- and we didn't have the whole tape there-- what triggered him-- and K.D. has a trigger. The trigger for K.D. is when you discuss his move from OKC to Golden State. That's his trigger, and after C.J. mentioned that during the podcast, that's when K.D. changed and got defensive, and started to attack him. So what you're seeing here to me is a lack of public maturity on K.D's part because he hasn't yet gotten comfortable publicly in his skin and been able to live with his decisions. And that's a function of just public maturity, which he doesn't have.

And listen, the one thing about, you know, NBA players, NFL players, NHL players, whoever-- one of the beauties, I think, as a coach and general manager that you can look at players is to watch them grow and mature, and the people that they become. And some people, they don't ever get it. Most of them do, and that's the beauty of what sports can teach you. You know, for me, Kevin hasn't quite grasped just how to become comfortable with his decisions and shown that kind of maturity, but I do think that he will.

- Listen, I think you are spot on about Durant. I want to talk about the C.J. McCollum perspective for a moment because you're right that the trigger was them talking about K.D. going to Golden State. But what directly preceded the clip we played was Boogie going to Golden State and C.J. admitting, when I heard the news I called him. And I was like, what happened?

- Which also led us to believe that there was some conversation before free agency between C.J. and--

- And that they knew.

- Oh, there's no question.

- There's no question. And that they knew-- and C.J. says it in the clip-- there was going to be a hangup, which is the starting center for Portland is repped by the same agent as Boogie Cousins is. And typically, one agent isn't going to cost one guy a job by getting another client a job. So there's a little conflict of interest there. They were trying to work through that. C.J. was hoping they would work through that, and he tries to clean it up later because K.D. Is like, oh, you don't like Nurkic. Oh, you want Nurkic out. That's use of Nurkic. It's just like, no, we could have had them both. Like, Boogie Cousins is an upgrade.

But what C.J. was expressing there is the exact frustration I had on television the day after-- and I'm obviously not competing for championships. I'm just a viewer-- which is, what if Boogie had gone to Portland? Oh, so that's an interesting team. Now, your biggest position of strength is-- or one of your biggest positions of strength-- is the Warriors' biggest position of weakness. You got two guards. Steph's going to have to guard one of them. Like, can we squint hard enough to say this three seed just got closer?

We have now had-- and K.D's been at the forefront of the one decision and now is laughing about the other-- a team that won 73 games, had won the title, was up 3-1 in the finals, that replaced Harrison Barnes with the second best player in the world, and Kevon Looney with the best offensive center in the world. And we're all-- the general public reaction evidently is supposed to be, oh, but it's great. It's like having an all-star team. And I sit here and feel, but it ain't. And I feel for C.J. McCollum not only because of his story, not only because we know him, but because how hopeless must it feel? You were the three seed out west, and what Kevin Durant's saying there, by the way, is right. You guys can't win a title this year.

- But I think you can't hate on K.D. for that decision to go to Golden State, OK? All he did was exercise his right as a free agent to move to another team that had the ability to sign him under the cap to a place where he took less money. OK, we can't fault K.D. for that and continue to have that hangover. If you want to fault anybody, fault the system, which is a collective bargaining agreement because that's what led K.D. to Golden State. So, but hear me out. So, I mean, that piece of it, you can't hate on. But you know, I think C.J. is right. I can understand his frustration, and he's correct on that. But don't hold K.D. accountable for that piece of it.