Cris Carter reacts to Dwight Howard saying his Hall of Fame resume ‘speaks for itself’

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In his conversation about Dwight Howard, Cris Carter reveals why he doesn't think Dwight Howard hasn't lived up to his potential in the NBA. Do you agree with Cris?

- We can argue about did Dwight Howard get the most of his ability? Was Dwight Howard, despite all the accomplishments, a disappointment? Will Dwight Howard help Washington at all? All those are fair debates. Is Dwight Howard a first ballot Hall of Famer, no question walk-in to Springfield? No, that's not a debate.

There was a four year stretch he was one of the five best players in the league. He was the best player on a team that, not only went to the NBA Finals, but beat a 66-win LeBron James led Cavs team in a series that LeBron averaged 38-9-9. And his second best player was either Hedo Turkoglu, Rashard Lewis, or Skip to my Lou.

Like, the Dwight peak was all-time great stuff. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year? Like, we do a weird thing with guys who were great, but we think should've been better. And I-- yes, Dwight is a Hall of Famer. Of course he's a Hall of Famer. He's absolutely right that he's a Hall of Famer.

- Yeah. Well, I think that when you start talking about people when they're 16 years old, the expectation changes compared to a guy who goes to college four or five years, struggles. You see the development of him, but when you start seeing kids on magazines, and you start seeing them play in AAU, yeah, you should have higher expectations.

When God gives you that kind of talent, yeah, you should have those type of expe-- I'm not even going to get into the conversation is he a Hall of Famer, all that, because that's-- that, to me, is irrelevant. In sports, it's about do you feel your-- fulfill your potential? Did you get everything out of what could have happened with the athletic ability that-- that God gave you?

And with Dwight Howard, a lot of people would be able to say, no. All right? Flat. No. Did he development an inside game? Did he develop one offensive move, one shot? No. Was he a great defensive player for a period? Yes.

And he was also born at the right time because there wasn't a whole bunch of great centers. Those five All-NBA's, I want you to look at who was on second team All-NBA then. Look who was on third team All-NBA. So look at the collection of centers that-- so he happened to have his birth date that happened at the right time.

So I don't believe it's the conversation of is he a Hall of Famer, but did he fulfill his potential? Put that in there. Did he-- did he really maximize how good he could have been? And my answer to that would have been no.

- Let me ask you one question, though, about that because that is-- that's totally fair critique. But how much of that-- that we bring that up and hold that against him so much-- is because people don't like Dwight? Because there's a guy we talked about earlier that you can say very similar things about.

Vince Carter. Vince Carter. He didn't have the body of Dwight Howard, but he had the leaping ability. Vince Carter came into the league-- hey, your brother Butch helped a bit--

- After a career at University of North Carolina, Vince and his expectations-- Vince-- people like Vince.

NICK WRIGHT: There we go. Because--

- But whose fault is that?

- No, no, no. Of course-- listen, he earned people liking him. And Dwight has earned people--

- Google Dwight Howard.

NICK WRIGHT: No, of course.

- He said these things.

- Of course. But my point is there are certain guys like-- Vince is also going to be a Hall of Famer. And I-- I spoke so highly of Vince. We talked about him earlier show. But Vince is a guy that also didn't live up quite to what he should have been. A guy who quit on the Toronto Raptors in order to get himself in New Jersey and neve--

CRIS CARTER: Yeah, but the conversation's different. We're gonna talk about him being a Hall of Famer. We're talking about him loving basketball and having an extended career. We're talking about Dwight Howard. That conversation is totally different. And, man, how you're perceived in the public-- like listen, man, perception, sometimes, is a bunch of reality. All right?

Because our perception becomes our reality. Dwight Howard has not endeared himself based on what he said and his conduct.

- And that's all fair. But the perception can't all of a sudden supersede reality. And by that, I mean this-- how many people know Dwight Howard last year gave you 17 and 13 and played in 81 of 82 games? Like, that--

CRIS CARTER: The reason why people don't care is because he's played for losers.

- So last year he did. Last year he was on a bad team in Charlotte. I understand that. But the point is--

- Dwight Howard is not part of story line in the NBA. People don't follow Dwight How-- Poor people don't care about Dwight Howard. The reason why we-- we had Vince Carter in there-- people have-- people care more about Vince Carter.

NICK WRIGHT: People have love for Vince Carter. And by the way--

- And that's not our fault.

NICK WRIGHT: And I have love for Vince Carter. I'm not here trying to denigrate Vince Carter. If people weren't watching earlier, I talked about how he's one of my all time favorites. But there are certain guys that if they don't live up to their potential, that's not the storyline, it's about, well, they were still awesome. And certain guys, when they don't live up to their potential, it is the story line.

- I think Dwight Howard, and part of his storyline being one way and his lifestyle being very, very hypocritical, lead to people not necessarily liking him.