Nick Wright on LeBron currently the favorite to win NBA MVP in year 16

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In his conversation about Vegas naming LeBron James the favorite for NBA MVP, Nick Wright explains how impressive this feat would be for King James in year 16. Do you agree with Nick?

- Well it's never happened in basketball history that a guy post year 15 would be the favorite to win MVP. And it's kind of crazy when you think about it. Rich Paul's agent was interviewed at Summer League yesterday, I think. Whenever it was, I saw the interview yesterday. And he made a point that's a pretty basic point, but it's one that we should absorb, which is where are most guys in year 16? Rich Paul made the point either out of the league, commentators are saying I wish he'd retire, like he's kind of, you know, he's tarnishing how I want to remember him, or they are taking a much lesser role as a complimentary player.

- Yes.

- He's not only the number one free agent available this off season. He's the best odds to win most valuable player in year 16. It's going to be an unfair standard for the guys coming after him, for the guys younger, Durant or Giannis, or Anthony Davis, because if they do what every other player except for basically Karl Malone has done in NBA history, which is around year 13 start to trail off, we're going to remember this guy still being the best player in the league this long.

- Right. But those are the things that you have to do if you're going to be in that rarefied air. If he's ever going to be, I mean he's in the conversation with Jordan. But if the conversation, just like Michael Jordan. He changed how you looked at NBA players. And once he got those three championships, took that time off, ended up getting three more in the MVP's, it changed the way we evaluated Kobe. Changed the way we evaluate LeBron. So these are the types of things that LeBron is going to have to do, to me.

I read this. I read this, that someone suggested that shows like this, we should stop having the conversation who's the best player, compared to who's your favorite player. And my favorite player was Michael Jordan. And it's hard to really include players that you didn't see. But my favorite player was Michael Jordan. Your favorite player's LeBron James. And in doing what they've done, in making us be their favorite, they changed the paradigm. They changed the conversation. They did things that people wouldn't see done.

So, that's what Lebron's going to have to do. He's going to have to win a championship with this third team. He's going to have to win an MVP at an advanced age, and it lets you know what Vegas thinks about his change from Los Angeles to Cleveland. Because if he had decided in free agency that he was going to stay in Cleveland, I can guarantee you he would not be number one or number two on those odds for the MVP. They think in the change of scenery, LeBron will be motivated in a different way. And I like the fact that he is the favorite to win the MVP. If the NBA players were having a draft, LeBron James would be the first player taken more often than any other player. So I like that Vegas is up on it in year number 16.

- And real quick, before we get to the list as a whole. Five years ago, here was the top five MVP, the year KD won it. KD one, LeBron two of course, Blake Griffin three, Joakim Noah, four. Think about that. Blake and Joakim came into the league well after LeBron. They peaked then, and then their career, Joakim Noah, does he play anymore? I know the Nix are still paying him $18 million a year. Blake Griffin is considered one of the worst contracts in the league, and a guy we wonder as since he's in the East, can he make an All-Star team. Those guys came in after LeBron, and they have aged quicker than LeBron. We've never seen something like this on a longevity and durability scale.

- What would you guys say is more impressive, LeBron winning an MVP title in year 16 or LeBron getting the Lakers their first title? Which is a more impressive feat?

- The Lakers title is bigger. It's bigger, because so many other things would have to happen. I mean, LeBron is going to finish one, two, or three in the MVP. That's what he's done anyway. But the Lakers? With a title? A team that hadn't been in the playoff for five years? I mean, worst NBA record over that tenure? Since Dr. Buses died, that's when they're a success. I mean, absolutely. Jeanie Bus getting this Lakers team their 17th? Oh that would be the biggest feat.

- Typically I would say MVP, because that's an individual accomplishment as opposed to a team accomplishment, where you can't just give it to one guy. But as long as the Warriors are the Warriors, whomever knocks them off, if anyone ever does, as they have their present KD version of them, that will go down. Forget biggest feat for LeBron. One of the greatest feats in NBA history. So given who he would have to go through. Because the one thing that I will say is winning MVP's, you could argue, the one thing in the NBA that has gotten easier since KD went to the Warriors, is winning MVP's.

- Yeah, because two of the players are cancelled.

- Because two of the top five guys aren't going to win anymore. Like KD and Steph, who had won three of the last four when they got together, those guys are, I'm sorry they had won three in a row when they got together, because it went KD, Steph, Steph, those guys now can't really win it anymore. So the field is winnowed. And I saw my guy Giannis, third on that list. That might be the best value bet.