Sarah Kustok reveals how Melo’s decision on his next team will dictate his priorities

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Sarah Kustok joins Nick Wright, Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe to discuss Carmelo Anthony. Sarah reveals how Melo's decision on his next team will dictate his priorities. Do you agree with Sarah?

- I think it will tell us everything about his priorities. We say elsewhere. I do believe that it will be Houston or Miami. We talk quite a bit about Houston and just some of his options and what he can do with that offense, some of the deficiencies, defensively, in how they play, also the role that he would have, whether or not he would be coming off the bench, if he has the possibility to start, giving the departure of Trevor Ariza.

Miami is really interesting to me, though. We, of course, know about his relationship with Dwyane Wade, how that would help persuade him there. That's a place I could see him potentially having an opportunity to have a starting role. Their roster has some movement. They have some young players that you could see how they're trying to figure out where to fit in. But Miami is not a team that, unlike Houston, is really contending for a title, let alone-- I mean, they're contending to make it in the playoffs for next season as you look at it. And they still have a couple of moves that they could make. But they're a team that likely would be in the bottom half of those final four playoff spots.

So, to me, if Melo chooses that, it would be more about playing time, about touches, about what role he would have on the team, and also the ability to be in South Beach. And you look at this-- I always feel like with players, I don't want to judge their decision. He has every right to go anywhere that he wants to go. If he wants to finish off his career and decide that he cares more about lifestyle, about environment, about what type of role that he has, I'd say, good for him. Like, I don't think that's necessarily a negative thing, but that will tell me about Carmelo Anthony, that winning is not a priority to him as much as what it is that he's able to do on the floor.

- It's hard to prove that players don't want to win. But all you can really judge him on is what they say, what they do, and based on how they react to situations. The Miami situation, I think that people should know him and Dwyane Wade have the same agent. Him and Udonis Haslem have the same agent. Wade and Udonis, we don't know what they're going to do for this season. So there's some connectiveness to him talking to Miami outside of Dwyane Wade and him being friends. So there's some business relationships there.

Style, living in Miami, the potential to start there, those are real things. I don't judge a guy. If a guy wants to score, a guy don't want to win the championship-- I played 16 years. When they make the list in all the sports of all the guys, the greatest players on that list that didn't win a championship, I'm on that list. I don't mind being on that list. You know the reason why? I don't have no regret. I took care of my body. I did everything that I could do.

The franchise I played on, we didn't have that opportunity. But it wasn't because of me. So I sit here today with no regret. Melo going to be on that list, too. Charles Barkley is on that list. But those guys on that list, they won't be-- when they get to my age, they won't be able to look back and say, you know something, I don't have no regrets because I could have took better care of myself. I could have done this a little bit different way. And that's the biggest difference.

You don't have to win a championship to complete your career. He's made a lot of money. He's had a great career. Nick points out he's a Hall of Famer. But what people want at the end of their career, we can't change with Carmelo. He's shown us 15 years, he wants to score the basketball. He is not going to play a bunch of defense. And there is nothing that would indicate to me that in this, maybe, one of his last years that he's going to change.