Cris Carter explains what it would mean if the Lakers were able to land Kawhi Leonard

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Cris Carter and Nick Wright talk NBA. Hear what they had to say about Kawhi Leonard and his future in the league.

- Despite making it clear he only wants to play in LA, Kawhi is now somewhat hesitant to join the Clippers and doesn't want to be dwarfed by LeBron with the Lakers. He wishes there were three teams there. So let's talk about what this means for the Lakers. Nick, does LeBrown need Kawhi to win a title?

- If he wants any chance at competing for a title this year, absolutely. Like, are they going to actually trade for Kevin Durant? Are they going to-- all of a sudden, some of the Warriors are going to retire? Like, and then what? James Harden coming over?

And by the way, I think Kawhi's a better fit than Harden, even if-- I know Harden's the defending MVP. To compete for a title this year,

JENNA WOLFE: It's gotta be Kawhi.

- Absolutely. Like, this is-- you are-- what we need to ask ourselves is, what do you need to compete with a team that is starting more talent from an accomplishment standpoint, from a points per game standpoint-- they're about to become the first team ever to have four guys in their starting lineup once Boogie gets back that average more than 20 a game the previous year.

Like, what do you-- how much talent do you need to beat the most talented team ever? That's the question. And so is LeBron plus some young guys and Rondo enough? Hell no. LeBron plus Kawhi probably--

JENNA WOLFE: Might not even be.

- --isn't enough. But it at least opens the window slightly. So yes, like, LeBron desperately needs, for this year, Kawhi Leonard. Next year, as you mentioned earlier, we'll see if some Warriors leaves, see if things change. But for this year, it would be Kawhi or bust.

- Kawhi-- the window for LA and LeBron is not open yet. If Kawhi signs, the window immediately stays open. I mean, it immediately goes open. And for LeBron, the window will stay open longer with Kawhi than it would with other superstars. Because Kawhi is an accomplished player. But Kawhi's also going to be in a situation that he's very familiar and comfortable with.

He wants to play second fiddle a lot. That's his personality. He's not a guy that is a desire of the limelight. So when he came to San Antonio, he was able to concentrate on himself and Tim Duncan was the focal point.

He will be able to do the same thing in Los Angeles for four or five years. Him and LeBron would be a great combination. And then Kawhi would still be able to be a top five player by himself when LeBron transitions into what's next.

So if Kawhi signs-- gets traded and signs-- the window opens. With Kawhi being there, because he's-- they're at the perfect age-- 27 and 33. But the 27 is seasoned and has had as high as you can go in the NBA. Defensively, two-time Defensive Player of the Year. NBA finals-- NBA finals MVP. And he's got those personal matchups with the players that he is looking forward to trying to play against them.

So I think it's the most significant thing. Besides Lebron signing with the Lakers, Kawhi, man, is the best fit. And if they get him signed, I believe they're going to have a banner. They're going to win a championship for the Lakers.