Cris Carter criticizes Boogie Cousins’ decision to join the Golden State Warriors

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Reflecting on DeMarcus Cousins signing with the reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, Cris Carter criticizes Boogie for feeling like he needs to go to join Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson to save his career.

- Yeah. I don't have a problem with the players, because, typically, around the league, the general managers and the people making the basketball decisions, they don't know the players as well as the players know the players. So it's the front office's job to try to maintain the level that they have been able to-- to rise to. And it's the players' job to either get better in the offseason-- either by their game, by nutrition, strength and-- strength and conditioning-- or communicating to other players to make the roster.

We knew they were going to make some roster changes. JaVale McGee was already going to be gone. Other players are going to be going. So they had to get some players. So I don't have a problem with that. It's-- it's your responsibility, if you are one of the Golden State Warriors, not only how am I going to get better, how can I make this team better.

So I don't have a problem with Draymond. Like I know those NBA guys aren't tough. They talk about meet me outside. They don't mean that. They mean go out there for a cocktail or something. Like they don't mean let's-- let's fight. So all that is just show. So I have no problem.

I-- my biggest problem is, man, Golden State didn't even know the guy was available. And Boogie thinking he had to go to Golden State to save his career, that's where I have a problem with. I do believe there would have been more significant offers for him. And if he wanted to go on a one-year deal, don't go to a team that's stacked, because you're going to get the ball less. How are we going to highlight you more on a team that offensively it's going to be hard to get you the numbers that you've gotten early in your career.

JENNA WOLFE: So why go to Golden State? Why not wait--

NICK WRIGHT: Because it's a free ring.

JENNA WOLFE: --a half a second--

- Because it's a free ring, Jenna.

- I don't-- I can't understand why--

JENNA WOLFE: But not if you listen to what-- not if you go by what your thinking is, which is, you're not going to get the numbers to value yourself--

NICK WRIGHT: But he's still going to--

JENNA WOLFE: --for a max--

NICK WRIGHT: --get the ring. He's still going to--

- --a max salary.

- Listen, it's because--

CRIS CARTER: To me, when you sign a one-year deal, and you're 27 years old and you have an Achilles-- we have not seen someone get better with an Achilles injury-- you need to go somewhere, first of all, that they're going to take their time as far as getting you on the court.

And whatever you're going to play-- 40, 45, 50 games-- in those games, you have to highlight not only what you do off the court-- because you have tremendous attitude problems. People question, can you be focused long enough? Are you a good leader? Are you a good influence on the team? And you need to show them on the basketball court that I can still play the same style. I'm still very, very athletic.

Because I'm worried about Boogie, with the Achilles injury-- he is not an above-the-rim player.


- He is a technique/skill guy who also has a spot-up jay. Can he do that with an Achilles?

NICK WRIGHT: Listen, Dominique Wilkins, the only player to ever blow his Achilles and come back as good or better. He's the only one. So there's real concerns for Boogie. I understand that. And he might say, well, he had no other offers. That's just flatly not true. He didn't have any max offers. He didn't have any offers that he-- that were immediately, oh, my god, I've got to take them.

JENNA WOLFE: Any long-term offers.

- Well, I think he probably did have some offers that were longer than he--


- --wanted, but they weren't at the salary--

- The numbers.

- --commensurate with--

- Uh-huh.

- --what he wanted. But New Orleans wanted to bring him back. Dallas was talking with him before they gave DeAndre Jordan that money. Washington was still interested in trying to execute a sign-and-trade. The idea that, oh, he had nowhere else he could go is flatly not accurate.

When he says to Marc Spears, I had zero offers, I-- I believe what Boogie is saying is, I had zero max offers. I had zero offers like I thought--


- --I was getting. I-- and so the idea that nobody else made him an offer is-- is silly.