Nick Wright discusses how LeBron can shape his Lakers legacy among the legends of Magic, Kareem and Shaq

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During his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright discusses how LeBron can shape his Lakers legacy among the legends of Magic, Kareem, Kobe, Jerry West, Wilt and Shaq.

- If he does win a championship in Los Angeles, he'll become the first player ever to be the best player on a title team for three different franchises. He can take three different franchises to the finals. The coaches he's played for in his career, by the way, that he's gotten to the NBA Finals right now are Mike Brown, Erik Spoelstra before Spoelstra had any championship pedigree, David Blatt, Ty Lue, and now he's playing for Luke Walton.

Like, I don't think LeBron needs-- I don't think LeBron needs play another basketball game in his life to cement his legacy. I don't think he needs to win the title to cement his legacy. I don't think he made this move because it was the best place to win a title. But if he does win a title in Los Angeles-- and I agree with C. Over the course of the next five years, I would imagine he likely will. It just further makes his career the path of which no one has ever followed, like an unprecedented career from start to finish.

JENNA WOLFE: He can't be the-- he wouldn't be the best-- the best player to ever wear a Laker uniform, but what would it take for him to be close?

- Well, he--

- But when you say, when you think Lakers--

- Well, Nick already has him number one the list.

JENNA WOLFE: As the best Laker?

- Well, no. There's a difference between the question. The best Laker ever and the best player--

JENNA WOLFE: I'm talking about Laker legacy.

NICK WRIGHT: Right. And the best player to ever wear a Laker uniform, it's either Magic, Kareem, or LeBron, depending on how you do the rankings. I think you, right now, would say it's LeBron, right? You think he's the second-greatest player ever behind Michael Jordan, so the best player ever wear a Laker uniform. But that's very different than best Lakers ever, right?

I mean, it's-- I mean, who are you going pass? Like, are you going to pass Jerry West in his nine trips to the finals, who right now is, like, the sixth-best Laker ever? You going to pass Shaq and his three rings, who's like the say-- you're not.

- They're tradition is too rich to make that comparison or to try to go down that road. Because there's no way that you can prove in the next-- even if LeBron was winning two titles.


- I mean, Magic's got five. Jerry West-- I mean, all these things that the Lakers-- they have too much tradition for a guy at the end of his career to come in and be like, oh, what's he going to do as a Laker?

JENNA WOLFE: OK, if he plays for, maybe, five years, are you going-- are you ever going to think Lakers and think LeBron? Or are you always going to think, depending on when you watched, you're going to think Kobe or you're going to think Shaq or you going to think Kareem or Magic, depending on when you watched this team?

CRIS CARTER: You know, you've got to look at it like the Yankees. When you see the pinstripes, you-- the pinstripes override the talent. You don't think Jeter, Rivera. Like, you don't-- it's about the Yankees and the institution of the Yankees.

The Lakers, it's the same way. You can't identify the Lakers with one basketball identity. And if you were, it would be showtime. And it would be Magic.

NICK WRIGHT: It'd be Magic. I think that the Laker great that I had on that list that he has the most likelihood of having a similar arc to is Wilt. Wilt did a ton before he got there, was awesome when he got there, won a title there. But you don't-- when you think of Wilt Chamberlain, you don't associate a single team with him. You think of overall dominance.

I think a similar thing is going to happen with LeBron. Like, when you think of LeBron, some people might think of the Heat, first times he won the title. Some people might think of the time in Cleveland.

- Hmm, we'll think he has.

- Well, I mean, I think a lot of people will--

CRIS CARTER: This is the thing. The scene is still wet. We don't have to make that decision because we don't know-- we didn't know with the Cavs, he was going to win. We didn't know he was going to come back from down 3 to 1. That's the reason why the Cavs, to me, is even bigger than anything that he did in Miami because the lack of talent and who he was going against, who he defeated.

The Lakers, man, we don't know. He could have a Western Conference semifinals knockdown, drag-out seven games with James Harden. He could go to the Western Conference Finals, have a knock down, drag-out beat Golden State in seven. Like, there's still a lot of drama that this will produce.