Cris Carter reveals why LeBron’s choice to join Lakers was not a basketball decision

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In his conversation with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter reveals why LeBron James' choice to join the Los Angeles Lakers was not a basketball decision. Do you agree with Cris?

- Well, he didn't really have too much of a choice in my regards. For one, he had to leave Cleveland based on their decision, which started over a year ago when they didn't extend the general manager, I believe, was one of the fatal blows that had LeBron leave Cleveland for the second time.

Philadelphia would have been a very, very good basketball decision. Going to Houston would have been a, to me, a very, very questionable legacy decision because it would still-- they're not a championship team, but they are a stacked team.

- They're as close as you can be to being a championship team without having won.

- And I didn't think it would help his legacy. You know, his first decision it was about-- and LeBron talked about it-- it was about going to college. His second decision was about a promise that he made to the people of Northeast Ohio.

And this, to me, is the final family legacy. What is LeBron James-- the King gang-- what are they known for? And that's what I believe he's going to the Lakers for.

I believe his family is very, very happy to be in Los Angeles for the rest of their lives. And I believe that LeBron believes that he can build something with an organization and with a person that I believe that he trusts.

And that's why I believe they ended this very, very early. Had one conversation with Magic Johnson, lasted three hours, and he was able to decide this is where me and my family want to be.

I'm very, very proud of him. Because it wasn't about basketball and chasing championships as far as priority. It's about his business and his family and I'm glad that he decided to go to Los Angeles.

NICK WRIGHT: All right. Well, I know this was a very difficult decision for LeBron. Difficult as far as of 96 hours ago there were still four teams on the table-- Houston, Philly, Cleveland, and Los Angeles. That winnowed down to three teams when he opted out of his deal.

But as of Friday he had not made a definitive decision. It was not until that meeting with Magic Johnson and then the next morning that he decided Los Angeles is where I'm going to be.

Now I thought he was going to announce this via "Uninterrupted." I'm not quite sure where that changed or how or if I was just got incorrect information on that.

But he was truly weighing the decision of Philadelphia, which was the best place to win immediately, Cleveland, which would have given him the opportunity to essentially punt on the decision for a year-- because I do not believe Cleveland was going to be a four year pact the way this one is-- or Los Angeles.

So it was a difficult decision for him to make, a decision that he only made in the last 48 hours. And it's also the most difficult decision for him basketball-wise.

This team has no-- the players-- the organization has a great legacy of winning. The players on it have no experience winning.


- The players on it have no playoff experience, much less championship experience. It is also an organization where a deep playoff run means nothing to them in the grand scheme of things. This is a championship or bust organization.

So why do I think he made this decision? Because at 33 years old LeBron James is a father before he is anything else. And he's a husband before anything other than that.

And he believes this is-- he said it early. Chris made a good point of paying attention to that. I think more so than most people did-- that this was going to be a decision that he thought about LeBron James, Jr.

And while I know you don't love us talking about it, LeBron talks about him reaching the NBA. Where can he have the best chance to reach his goals? Where can Savannah, his wife, have the best chance to live her life? Where can his two younger kids go-- other than Cleveland or Akron-- where they already have friends? Because he has homes and they have a life in Los Angeles.

He made this decision because it was the best decision for the people around him. And because he has such overwhelming confidence in his own basketball ability that he thinks anywhere he goes becomes a great basketball situation.