Nick Wright reacts to Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons winning Rookie of the Year over Donovan Mitchell

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to Philadelphia's Ben Simmons winning Rookie of the Year over Donovan Mitchell. Did Simmons deserve to win ROY?

- All right, finally, Ben Simmons won Rookie of the Year last night, after missing the 2016-2017 season due to injury. Simmons averaged 15 points, eight boards, eight assists a game, while leading the Sixers to 50 wins. Nick, did the voters get it right?

- Absolutely, and when you look at the vote, it was a landslide. This was-- I understand Donovan Mitchell, who had the late campaign, that he is not really a rookie, so I should win the award.

- He showed up to the awards in a big van that said rookie on it.

- It said "rookie?" thanks to his friends at Adidas.

- Yeah.

- But that really is conceding the argument.

- Sure.

- If your argument isn't, "I was better than him," simply, it is. He's ineligible for the award--

- And I'm an actual rookie.

- Right, that means, listen. Ben Simmons was, by the rules of-- that we have in place, which are, if you have never played in the game in the NBA, no matter when you were drafted, the first year you play in a game you're a rookie, he was the best. And, he was-- what the 15 and eight, Nate doesn't talk about is his defensive impact.

This guy was a very good defender, for no other reason than he has such overwhelming size. I know there are legitimate questions about whether he'll ever be able to shoot, but, what he did as a rookie was borderline historic from filling up the box score category, and he the best rookie. He should have won Rookie of the Year.

- Yes. And, the conversation shouldn't be about his jump shot. It's about what he did in this season. He definitely earned the award. His versatility, the ability to be able to score the basketball, rebound the basketball, and assist to his teammates at a young, young age. The NBA has got to be very, very excited about what his future looks like, especially next to Joel Embiid or whoever else they're going to have in Philadelphia.

So, he had a tremendous season. The conversation shouldn't be about, OK, right now, how good his jump shot's going to be. That's inevitable. I mean, that's going to be the next tier for him, but, in this season, I mean, he was spectacular. Like, we just can't forget sometimes being in the moment, I mean, at the record-breaking portion that he played at as far as the triple doubles this young in his career. Like, we haven't seen that, and we should acknowledge that, and that's what the voters did.

- But if he is filling up the box score like he did, having the rookie year that he did with the experience that he has, does it matter that much that he is not shooting the ball the way we'd like him to?

- And, we saw it matter in the playoffs, and it will matter. Like, guys will exploit that, and he-- listen, he was the number one overall pick. The number one overall pick, yeah, you want him to win Rookie of the Year when he plays, but you also want him to top out at 15 points a game. Like, if he--

- Right.

- You want him to be--

- I mean, there's no young player that has a complete game, Jenna, So we have to-- how is he going to get better? And the way we're seeing these players, and the way they evolve is, we've seen other great players struggle with their jump shot. We haven't seen the situation where a guy might shoot left-handed, and then occasionally shoot right-handed. We haven't seen that with the type of talent that he has, so, yes.

conversation will continue to be, how effectively can he shoot? Because, if not, he's just going to be like a utility player compared to being one of the super, superstars that we have in the NBA.