Nick Wright reveals why there’s now a real chance LeBron James stays in Cleveland

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Now that we're in NBA free agency, the LeBron James sweepstakes is in full effect. Nick Wright details to Cris Carter and Sarah Kustok why there's now a real chance King James stays in Cleveland. Do you agree with Nick?

- So I'm going to say something that might surprise some of the viewers if you watch the show regularly, because for months now, I've been saying LeBron's gone. Like this was your chance.

- Yes.

- Going into the year, I said the only way he stays is if they win the title. Two months ago, I said, if they win the title, LeBron's gone. I didn't do much work in our week off, the little bit I did was trying to talk some people about this. Because I know this is the big sports story of the next month. And I was told do not slam the door shut on LeBron staying in Cleveland. I wasn't told it's likely, I wasn't told if they're the favorite, but I was told--

- They're back in the picture.

- And you shouldn't go on TV and say it's 0%. Basically, it was exactly what I told. Don't call it 0%. Because the point you've been making, C, and I'll let you elaborate on it-- the family thing is real. And the point the general public's been making, which is, is there a perfect fit? Is there fit that you're like, oh, bingo, that's it. That doesn't seem to be there. And so could he stay in Cleveland? Yes. Would he sign a long term deal in Cleveland? I do not believe that is possible. I think if he does, we're doing all this again in a year. But I now, for the first time in months, think it's a real possibility that he does stay.

- And we just missed on the fact that because he's from Ohio, we got Kawhi, he's from California. We've got Paul George, he's from California. Now, these guys, trying to get back to California. That's what LeBron did a second decision, he left Miami. He left the glitz and glamor. A couple of NBA championships that say, look at his letter. I'm going back home. Because Northeast Ohio means that much.

Now Urban Meyer and I talk about this all the time. We talk to recruits and everything. We talk about-- you going to make a four year decision, or are you going to make a 40 year decision? Because I'm approaching-- that's how long I've been gone from Ohio and Ohio State.

But Nick, you've been there with me. It's like yesterday, and the way they treat their athletes. LeBron, we see him at Ohio State football games. He's always said, if I went to college, I would go to Ohio State. I would have went to Ohio State. Because the pool from Ohio-- him and his wife are from Ohio. All right? His business partner. Maverick.

- From Ohio.

- He's from Ohio.

- Rich Paul.

- This is all that they know. They can get to LA at some other point in their life or in offseason. And I just believe the decision is not only LeBron in basketball. His wife has a lot to do with the decision. And those boys.

- And those boys.

- Who want to play basketball. And you couldn't be [INAUDIBLE] to play basketball with? With people they know.

- And you can expand on that. And CC, I know you've brought this up. His sons are now in a different age-- back when he was making his decision and going--

- They weren't a part of this.

- They didn't have a speaking role that he would would put play.

- Now they do.

- And now Bronny.

- Particularly Bronny. And we try to be careful on the show and talking about the kid too much. Because he's 13 years old, and we won't put added pressure on him. But this kid is beginning to build a profile of his own amongst the recruitment circuit, right? Amongst college basketball. The people that rate young people. And he's doing it in with his Ohio team. You know what I mean? With his Summer League team. And so that matters, at least to a degree.

I can't, though, have this discussion without going back a year ago this time. Or 11 months ago. And the Kyrie trade. And I say that because of this. What are we now hearing about Paul George? Paul George might stay in Oklahoma City. And Paul George, you can be a free agent, go to LA, might stay in Oklahoma City. If you remember, the Cavs could have had Paul George. The Cavs-- LeBron didn't want them to trade Kyrie, but whatever, they chose to trade Kyrie. They decided they didn't want Paul George because they didn't want a rental. They wouldn't gonna be able to keep him. They wanted that super valuable Philly or Brooklyn pick that became the eighth pick, and Colin --


- And actually, what the Cavs offered the Pacers was better than what the Pacers accepted in the trade for Paul George.

- What they were initially discussing with him. But then Dan Gilbert wanted that pick. They wanted a post LeBron future. If LeBron is considering, and I can tell you he is at least considering staying in Cleveland now, with this team, what would it be like if Paul George was on the team? If Paul George is considering staying with [INAUDIBLE]--

- They'd be tough talking about adding a third piece.

- Exactly right.