Cris Carter reacts to Terrell Owens declining invitation to his Hall of Fame enshrinement

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In his discussion with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter reacts to Terrell Owens declining his invitation to his Hall of Fame enshrinement.

- I was disappointed because I know that through this process-- I mean, you go through a lot of different emotions. And I can say I felt a lot like TO when I wasn't let in, let alone the first year but the first several years. But realizing there's a process to everything in life and life is not perfect.

But since I've been in-- and I remember when I got selected. I remember the call. I remember how special it was and it wasn't like-- man, good news is never late. So those five years that I waited, when they called me, all those things and all those bad memories that I had they were immediately washed away. And then I was invited to being on the greatest team ever assembled.

And the thing that's funny about sports is it has a lot to do with your overall attitude. Because you can't control how much ability God gives you. You can't control your height. You can't control some of those things. But in life, this is what I have learned, you can control what kind of teammate you're going to be. You got control over that. We're on an even playing field. There is no one taller, shorter, more explosive.

Oh, he got short area quickness. Oh, he's-- shoot, no, anyone can be a good teammate. And part of the reason why TO was not in the Hall, he should have been in the first ballot, was because people said that he was a bad teammate.

Now, for me, when Buddy Ryan cut me, he told me specifically things that I couldn't do-- I was only effective in the red zone. I only caught touchdowns I wasn't dependable. Wasn't a great route runner. Now, I had a couple of choices. I could either listen to him and try to take something out of it or I could be in pursuit to try to make Buddy Ryan wrong.

Now TO, for me-- because I remember talking to Jim Trotter, who's one of the 47 people selecting for the Hall of Fame, right when I got selected. He said, Cris, I hope you don't take this out on the voters. And immediately, I told him, no, I'm not going to take it out. This is about the people that helped me on this long journey to get here. It's not going to be about me. It's going to be about the people that wash my uniform. The people that encouraged me before I was popular.

And it's going to be about the people when it wasn't popular to be on Chris Carter's bandwagon that they hung in there with me. I want the world to know and I want the football population to know these people were important in my life. And TO is going to miss that. TO talks all the time about his grandmother raising him and everything. His grandmother is getting robbed of her moment.

I saw someone's application, someone in my close proximity. And they applied for a job, a world renowned job. And what I said about them in my Hall of Fame speech was attached to the application. So for me, I know how much it changed my mom. Man, my mom they told her so many things. She got kicked out of high school. Seven kids before she was 25.

My mom asked me, what are you going to say on that day? I said, Mom, I'm going to make sure these people know who you are and what your story is. And how you were my first, first hero and how much I appreciate what you did for me. And everything that the world said about you, how you were a failure. I'm going let the world know who you are. And that's what I was able to do.

So the Hall, once you get in, forget about the team that you're joining. The people that have helped you, it is they're moment. So get outside of yourself and don't rob those people of their moment. Because at the Hall we're going to be OK. The members in the Hall, over 310 members, were going to be OK. We're going to have 150 live Hall of Famers at that weekend. We're going to be OK.

We wanted to invite TO in to embrace him. But in his decision man, he's denied a lot of people who were significant in his life memories that they won't be able to get back. There will be no more enshrinement because next year it'll be about next year's class. So TO in being very, very selfish-- the voters and all the things that they said man, he made voters look awful right in making this decision.