Nick Wright reveals the cataclysmic consequences for the sport of basketball if LeBron joins the Warriors

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LeBron James just went down 3-0 in the 2018 NBA Finals at the hands of Kevin Durant who exploded in Game 3 with 43 points and 13 boards. Knowing that King James has a heavy decision on his hands in free agency, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe the cataclysmic consequences for the sport of basketball if LeBron joins KD, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

- I know that people love to make the argument-- it's a very new age argument-- that pro athletics are just like regular jobs. And what do you do in your life? Why can't pro-athletes do it? Because they're not regular jobs. Period, point blank.

They are jobs based on the concept of the entertainment industry. Why do we find it entertaining? Yes, some of it is the artistry, the balletic nature of the game, seeing guys at the highest level. Well, the other part is competition.

We like to go into a game and not know who's going to win. We like to go into a game and say best man out there go get it. And the reason people didn't like KD going there was because they were good enough already. And KD was such a good player and is such a good player it made it feel unfair.

If LeBron goes there, if LeBron even-- I'll be honest-- entertains going there, it undercuts the credibility of the sport. The only question would be could they go 82 and 0. That would be the only interesting thing was could they go undefeated. And that might be intriguing for half a year until they lose a game, and then what are we out here for?

No, you can't simply do-- and I would argue this-- LeBron have a responsibility to the league and to the sport of basketball to if anyone is saying this in his ear, hey man, they're saying you can't beat Jordan because you don't have six rings. Just go to Golden State, and no one will be able to say anything else. You're going to have all the records. LeBron has, I believe, a responsibility to say miss me with that. It would undercut what the league's about.

- So you said he can't even entertain the thought of going. Does meeting with the Warriors fold itself into that? Is that the same thing as entertaining? Why would he want to go meet with the Warriors?

- This is the thing. You got to handle do all business. You've got to look at every angle. Why would you deny yourself a conversation? What's that going to cost you? Because this has a lot of business tentacles on it that's beyond basketball.

This is a decision. I'll tell you, this is the last move on the chess board for LeBron. So he should, just like KD, talk to Boston, talk to some other teams that probably was-- I don't know what the chance of him going there. But you should have a conversation. These people that own these teams are very, very successful not only at basketball but in other things. And I think LeBron is bigger than basketball, so he should sit down and have a business conversation because this is beyond basketball in his career.

- If he wants to take the meeting similar with one of the things the Celtics did was they laid out for Kevin Durant-- the Celtics and the heat, by the way-- how we guard you. And so he didn't sign with them, but now he has that information when he plays them. They laid out things for him that he took with him to Golden State.

They said, hey, here's what Oklahoma City-- they did it as an anti-Oklahoma City pitch essentially. Like, here's what Oklahoma City hasn't figured out. This is how we guard you. This is what we would do for you, right? That happened in those meetings.

So if you want to meet with a team, that's fine. But this can't be on the board. Much like Kevin Durant, Kevin Durant-- in my opinion-- had 29 teams he could go to and wouldn't have been criticized or would have been only very lightly criticized for. LeBron James has 29 teams he can go to. And given how good the Warriors are, even if he goes to Houston, people would be like I get it.

- What if Kevin Durant had gone to Cleveland? Cleveland had just won, OK? You said 29 teams. There's 30 teams. Let's just say he joins LeBron.

All right, you know what? You're right. Cleveland? I wasn't-- you're right. 28 teams Kevin Durant could have gone to and not been criticized like this. I still think even going to Cleveland wouldn't have been the level of criticism as Golden State. But sure. but there is-- and C, you mentioned it-- even if people--

- The thing that he would have in that decision was Cleveland didn't beat him.


- He lost. to Golden State. Cleveland came and trumped them.

- And also there is something to-- forget the Durant part of it-- going to the team that beat you. It's why I've always rejected this idea of, oh, well, LeBron went to Miami. Miami wasn't beating Cleveland. It would have been like LeBron going to Boston.

Boston was beating them over the head for years and then if he joins up with them. If LeBron can't get past Golden State and his answer is, I'll join Golden State-- I don't know if there's a bigger LeBron James fan on television than me. That would change a lot of things about the league and about how he's perceived.