Kenyon Martin outlines why LeBron James is the best player while Kevin Durant is the best scorer

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Joining Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe in studio on First Things First, Kenyon Martin outlines why LeBron James is the best NBA player while Kevin Durant is the best scorer. Do you agree with Martin?

- LeBron is still the best player in the NBA. I don't think that's in question.


- Kevin Durant is probably the best scorer in NBA. It comes as easy as anybody that I've seen in a long time. But LeBron is still the best player in the NBA hands down. History, his legacy, and things that he's done this year solidify that even more-- taking this team to the Finals.

No, LeBron is their best player in the NBA. But Kevin Durant is, like I said, he is by far the best scorer in the NBA. He does it easily. He doesn't need 16, 17 dribbles to get it off like most of the scorers in the NBA. They need multiple, multiple dribbles. He does it in one, two dribbles-- four dribbles max.

So that, to me, makes him a much harder guard than guys who take multiple dribbles in each possession.

- And I believe the day should be a day of appreciation. And man, I've been a fan of the NBA and basketball for a long time. Like I said, I was a big fan of you when you got to the University of Cincinnati. The influence of my family on the game of basketball. We should appreciate the great basketball players that we have now because they really are special, and they will leave a mark on the history of basketball when they're done playing. So we should appreciate, but they're all very different.

Steph is very different. And we should be able to appreciate his ball handling, his shotmaking like we've never seen. He's the best shooter that we've seen in the history of the game. But he's just not that. He finishes in the lane. He's got far more creative at the hoop.

Second best player-- Kevin Durant. One of the best scorers that we've seen at that length, the way he handles the ball, and it's underestimated how quick he is for a seven footer. He can score anywhere on the court. There's not a spot that he's not comfortable. And there's no defender that gives him problems.

Typically with even the great scorers that we see in the league, man, there's defenders even Kobe would tell you. Man, there's guys that gave me problem. There's no one. If asked Kevin Durant and Kevin Durant's sitting down in an interview, he'll be like there's no one that gives him problem and LeBron James-- what he does.

We've learned this through our coach, Coach Mangini. He said, man, a quarterback in the NFL-- I want him to be a force multiplier. That's who Tom Brady is. That's who Aaron Rodgers is. They play with talent not the way a Ben Roethlisberger and some of these other quarterbacks we see.

- They make a town around them better.

- LeBron James is that force multiplier that we see. And we shouldn't have to sit here and pick apart Kevin Durant and his game because it's really, really special. But LeBron James is better because he makes your second best player, your third best player, your fourth best player a lot better than what they would be if they played with any other players. So that's the difference between the world's number one right now who arguably could be the greatest basketball player that we're seeing. So Kevin Durant-- we could say, yeah, he's the second best player. But he's also a top 10 best player maybe in the history of the NBA when he's done playing.