King’s Departure: Nick Wright on why LeBron James will leave the Cleveland Cavaliers after the Finals

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When the Cleveland Cavaliers square off against the Golden State Warriors in the 2018 NBA Finals for the 4th straight consecutive year, it will be a modern day David vs. Goliath where LeBron's Cavs are unanimously thought of as the underdogs. Coupled with the fact that LeBron's relationship with Dan Gilbert was never repaired and LeBron's children are growing up, Nick Wright unveils why King James will ultimately leave the Cavaliers after the Finals. Do you agree with Nick?

- Clearly, we saw it in that clip, when they're getting Eastern Conference trophy of Dan Gilbert trying to shake his hand, and LeBron treating him like a grown man asking for an autograph and just brushing him off. That relationship never got repaired. LeBron, understandably I believe, never got over that letter fully. And then whatever reparation had been done to the relationship was ruined this off-season when he didn't bring back LeBron's guy, championship winning GM David Griffin. Like those things, which LeBron believes, I know this, LeBron believes, if David Griffin's there Kyrie's still there, and a lot of this season goes differently. LeBron has no reason to stay.

And now with Houston losing, it's no longer just two teams that LeBron can go to in Philly and Los Angeles. It's Philly, Los Angeles, and Houston. There are some people that believe Miami could be a dark horse contender. As much as I like that storyline of LeBron going Cleveland, Miami, Cleveland, Miami, man, I looked at their cap situation. I looked at their players. I don't see how Miami can actively get involved in this. But he now has three attractive options. And I think he will pick one of those three, Philly, LA, or Houston.

- It's a very tough decision. A lot of it, we'll talk about, be based on the players around him. If LeBron is going to stay true to form, LeBron says it's about championships for him. So LeBron is going to surround himself with more talented players that give him in his next three to five year window, I would try to concentrate on those first three years compared to the back end of that and being five. He needs to be around some guys that can shoot the ball, guys that are a little more athletic, and some guys that can play some defense, because the Warriors are not going anywhere.

All right, so it's easy to look at the locker room of the Cavs and say, I can't continue on this path, unless I'm just going to change my goals. If he just wants to start stuffing his stats, he can stay in Cleveland. He ain't going to add no more postseason numbers. But LeBron James--

- You don't believe he's going to stay in Cleveland, do you, in your heart of hearts?

- It's easy to me. I'm just listening to LeBron, everything that he said. Everything that he said early in his career, which led him to Miami, which led him back to Cleveland, right now, there's nothing that he has said that would keep him in Cleveland long term.

- And he's delivered on his promise, which was to bring them a championship, to bring the city of Cleveland, the state of Ohio, his hometown Akron, a championship. When we were talking about this before the show though, you brought up something that I think should be mentioned on the air, which is it's no longer just a LeBron and Savannah decision, that's his wife. It's no longer just a LeBron, Savannah, and Rich Paul, and Maverick Carter, his agent and business partner. There's now two other people, who unlike with his previous two decisions, weren't old enough to be involved in it and get some speaking role. And you believe, and that's his two sons, right?

- Yeah, based on what LeBron has said, and his oldest son being 13, he's got three kids the boys are 13, 11, and then the youngest girl, but their basketball future LeBron is concerned about. So they're getting ready to move into high school. Now, do I want them to go to high school in Akron, Cleveland? Do I want them to go to high school in Los Angeles? Because LeBron believes that his oldest boy potentially can be an NBA player. And when you have that type of potential, not only your wife, not only your agent and your confidants, but his sons will have for the first time-- those other decisions, they didn't have they didn't have the say in it. LeBron and the rest of the team came up with the decision.

But in this one, the sons will have a say. So I don't believe that the sons are going to be attached to Cleveland, because they've grown up in the United States. They've been in Miami. They've been in Cleveland. And they know he's doing a big renovation to his house in Los Angeles. So they're used to spend Summers there, anyway. So I believe that their role whispering in daddy's ear. You can hear him after the game talking to his sons, how close he is to them. So they will play a role in his decision.

- How old are they, 14?

- 13 and 11. And then he has a daughter who's about to be-- I think she's about to be four. But so she's-- she doesn't yet get a say in this unfortunately.