Nick Wright unveils what LeBron James and The King’s Cavs must do to defeat Boston in Game 6

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Looking ahead to tonight's Game 6 of the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals between Cleveland and Boston, Nick Wright unveils to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe what LeBron James and The King's Cavs must do to defeat the Boston Celtics and keep their title quest alive.

- Besides LeBron James putting up 100 points on his own, what to the Cavs need to do to win this game?

- Well, I reject the premise of the question. The besides the LeBron James part of it. This is the statistically speaking, the greatest elimination game player in the history of the sport. The nobody's ever averaged more points per game in an elimination game. We talked about it.

Going into game seven against Indiana how since he walked off the court against Dallas, the lowest moment of his career, he has faced elimination 13 times. He's 10-3 in those games. He scored at least 30 12 times. The one time he didn't, was a game 7 of the finals triple double.

By the way, that stretch started in a game 6 in Boston in 2012, arguably the most important game of Lebron's career. He was 45, 15 and 5. So game seven, I believe the Cavs will need more of a collaborative effort, because it will be in Boston. Game six, LeBron can win this game by himself. LeBron can go out and beat Boston at home by himself. And that's about what I expect to see.

- I expect you to say that. But if that happens, because I saw in game number two, LeBron had a type of performance that would beat a normal team. They didn't do it. This Celtics team, not as talented. Their two superstars, well-documented, not there. But as a team, this is a team that can't be beat by one player, all right? And that's what I believe, all right?

We're going to come on this show on Monday and people are going to be shocked. LeBron James is not going to be in the playoffs. What are we going to do? Because I don't believe that this unit, that not only can they win a game in Boston, but I wouldn't be shocked if Boston won game number six in Cleveland.

Like based on the way the team has played, the younger players adjusted in game number four and the way they played the second quarter, third quarter and the fourth quarter, and the way they went back to game number 5 and held their business in Boston, I wouldn't be shocked at all if Boston won tonight in Cleveland.

- CC, I agree with you that you can't just say LeBron will be enough for them to win a game in Boston, because you're right. We saw game two in Boston. LeBron played brilliantly, a 40 point triple double, and they lost.

- And they lost.

- But we can show the audience the home road discrepancy, this is two different teams now. Like Boston is a great team at home. And they have been bad on the road. Is one great player enough to beat them on the road? I mean, I've seen it happen in this post-season already. I saw Giannis do it. I saw LeBron do it twice already. Go ahead.

- Who has more support, Giannis or LeBron?

- Giannis.

- Oh, OK.

- But I don't think Giannis, but I expect LeBron to play better than Giannis' best game. Like the--

- Of course, that kind of math, Nick, of course. I expect LeBron to play better. But basketball doesn't work like that. Now right? The back court of the Cavaliers has been horrible. And there's nothing, there's no number that we can pull. Dusty, get me a stat that going to tell me JR's going to play better, that they're going to play. There is no stat.

So it's, you know what we are back to now? We're back to where we were after the Pacers series. Man, we just believe LeBron, it's just blind faith. But what if that doesn't work? What if that doesn't, what if that doesn't work over the next two games? Which I don't believe it's going to work, because of lack of support.

- But listen, just real quick, I apologize. For game 7, he needs the back court to be better. They need, because when you're talking about how bad the back court's been, again, that's the games in Boston.

- So what if they lose tonight? What are we going come on here on Monday? How are we going to explain it to people?

- If they lose--

- All right? Because our job is supposed to give people some type of preview. We got two games before we going to be on TV. And there's a chance they could lose tonight.

- I would--

- So our job is to paint a picture as if they could lose tonight, because if they did, tonight's game is far more important than talking about game number 7.

- Sure, but I feel like a lot of your, what you're describing are scenarios that I think only apply to the Boston team in TD Garden. The Boston back court has not been better than the Cavs back court.

- Oh, OK, well let's just do the stats of the back court at home, how great they've been. They haven't, they haven't been good.

- Which back court?

- They've been better. The Cavs' back court. They've been better at home.

- They played them to about a draw, right?

- They still have been below the NBA average.

- Oh, of course.

- That's all I'm saying.

- I agree with that. And if you're saying, what are we going to do, like how am I going to explain it if the Cavs lose tonight, listen, I have to own it. I will have been wrong about this from the beginning. But I don't, I do not think that when the other team doesn't have an established superstar, no matter how good the supporting cast is, no matter how bad Cleveland's sporting is, that Cleveland's going to lose a home elimination game in the eastern conference. I don't believe that.