Cris Carter’s reaction to the report that multiple NFL teams viewed Colin Kaepernick as a starting QB in 2017

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In his conversation with Nick wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter reacts to the new report that multiple NFL teams viewed Colin Kaepernick as a starting quarterback in 2017. Does this change your perception of Kap playing in the NFL.

- Well, with the Kaepernick case, it's nice to see that we're getting to the truth of it. Because I saw last year-- I'm talking about backup quarterbacks that were traded in the NFL. Let alone, I know they'll never be starters, but people were trading for them. And I'm like, man, Kaep still can't get a job.

My thing with Kaep not playing in the NFL has always been with my association with the NFL over the last 30 years. We've always promoted it as the 1,600 best players in the world, regardless of nationality, religion. Wherever they came from, these were the best football players. And with Kaep being out because of a peaceful protest, it let me know, you couldn't say that anymore.

And I knew that owners and general managers were honing against that-- holding that against Kaep. Holding that over his head by not signing him. Because a lot less competent players-- forget about being on rosters-- actually started games in the NFL. So yes, I'm glad the evidence-- it was presented. And we found out, yes-- we all knew that. Kaep is still a starting quarterback in the NFL.

- Listen, I-- the reason this is noteworthy is just because it knocks down some of the obvious lies that were being told. I get it. At this point, no one's opinion's changing on this man here. Some people view him enough to award him-- give him awards and designations and honor him. Some people want to call him an SOB and curse him. I get it. And really, people are entrenched.

People are not going to change their opinions on it. But what was so-- one of the things that was so frustrating to me when we were discussing this a lot last year, was the lies. Though he got benched for Blaine Gabbert-- how good he could be. Well, no, actually Blaine Gabbert got benched for him. That he's-- well, he clearly-- he'd be lucky to even make a roster. No, he was probably somewhere between the 20th to 25th best quarterback in his most recent year of playing, and that was coming off an injury.

This was never about if the guy could play. And people can say, well, if he were Aaron Rodgers-- yes. If his play was so extraordinary, at such a level-- but Aaron Rodgers could be arrested today for a violent crime and still have a spot on NFL teams. Like, of course--

CRIS CARTER: Oh, there's no doubt.

- There's no doubt. Like, we are going to let the legal process play out. So the-- it was never about can he play. Just like, it's not about, by the way-- his poor teammate, Eric Reid, if he can play. Because it looks like he's the next in line on this blackballing.

And so, I just-- if people are OK with that, that's for them to go to sleep with at night. If you're OK with someone losing their right to apply their craft in a legalized monopoly, in taxpayer-funded stadiums, in what is supposed to be a meritocracy, because he took a knee for the "National Anthem," then that's your own belief system. That's fine.

But don't say it's because he can't play. Don't say it's not about the protest. It was always about the protest. It was only about the protest. It's exclusively about the protest. And now, you know, some light is shining on the facts where I don't think that's deniable anymore.