Nick Wright details why he believes the Houston Rockets can dethrone the Warriors in the West

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Reflecting on the Houston Rockets' 127-105 win over Golden State in Game 2 of the 2018 Western Conference Finals, Nick Wright details to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why he believes the Rockets can dethrone Warriors in the West. Do you agree with Nick?

- A lot of people had Warriors in five and thought the one game the Rockets would win is game two in Houston. So we'll see if those people are proven correct.

Do I think they can win? Yes, I think they can win. And I-- I've been trying to make sure, when it comes to my Warriors analysis, it's actual analysis rather than hopeful optimism because of my concern about whether or not this team is going to go on some run that removes any competitive balance from the NBA over the next few years.

But the Rockets yesterday-- aside from PJ Tucker, nobody played out way over their skis. It's not like, oh, there's no way they can play that level of defense again. That's the defense they played all year. There's no way they can, you know, turn the ball over like that few times or force-- they played a typical Rockets home game last night. They got two more of those home games, theoretically, in this series.

Like do I think they can win? Absolutely. Do I think they're the favorites anymore like I did going into the series? No, because they no longer have home court in this series. But can they win? I do believe they can win.

- But you wouldn't say there's no way that only one of the four big Warrior stars are going to actually show up?

- I-- what I would say is--

- That's a--

- --I think Draymond offensively is going to be limited all series. And so I think--


- Well, listen, Klay was limited last night. And Steph's been limited in both games.

JENNA WOLFE: That's another one.

- But I also don't think KD is necessarily going to average 38 a game for the series. He might average 32. I don't know that he's going average 38. Go ahead.

CRIS CARTER: Well, it's the flow of the game. He realized he had to do more in game number one because Steph didn't get off. KD got them off to a great start. So he's going with the flow of the game. Klay couldn't get hot in game number two. So he's got to get more buckets. They go more isolation to him.

But the fact that Houston-- they talk about they didn't change their style. They didn't do isolation. Can they beat this team? Yes. If they play at the pace they did in last night's game, they can.

During the regular season, they averaged 17 dunks and layups a game. Last night, they get 24. Well, how did they get most of those? Either off of makes or off the rebound. Immediately they got on the attack.

So you don't want to play against Golden State-- just like Cleveland in the other series, you don't want to play against their half-court defense; Celtics probably best in the league. Well, their numbers prove best in the league. And the Warriors probably number two or three in the league.

So get out on the break early. Try to get some fast break or layups. And if not, going against that defense, unsettled, and you still have a better percentage of getting a good shot.

- And, listen, I-- I know, obviously, Houston wanted to be up 2-0 in this spot. But I also know, without a shadow of a doubt-- this isn't conjecture. This is from talking to people around the team. Houston, from the top down, they've had one goal all year long. Can we get the Warriors to a best of three where two of those three games are in Houston?

What does that mean? It means get home-court advantage in the playoffs and have it tied at two after four games. Can we get in that situation? Because Houston knows-- everything Daryl Morey's done, D'Antoni, Harden, MVP-- they know that the Warriors are the more talented team. They know that the Warriors, over a long enough horizon of a sample size, will beat every team in this league in a series.

So they want to shorten it as much as possible, add some variance. That's part of what the three-pointer does. Now they know, if we can get a split in Golden State, we've done what we-- what we set out this year to do, have it be a best of three with the first and the third game in our building and see what the hell happens.

- The other thing they want to do is play the kind of basketball that got them there, is what I hear from every single member of that team and the coaching staff. I want to-- we want to nail our three-pointers. We want to play whatever type of isolation ball we want to play.

And, last night, they did that, hit 16 three-pointers. When they hit 16 three-pointers or more a game, they're 42 and 3--

NICK WRIGHT: That's a great number.

- --the Rockets. That's an incredible number. They did that. They played their game. All their shots were going in. And it wasn't just from James Harden like it was in game one.