Cris Carter details why LeBron’s Cavs will fall to the Toronto Raptors in Round 2 of the East

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In his discussion with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe surrounding the 2018 NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs, Cris Carter details why LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers will fall to the Toronto Raptors in Round 2. Do you agree with Cris?

- --might not win. Like you--

CRIS CARTER: No, they're not going to win. If they play the same level, they're not-- Toronto is so much better than Indiana in a number of facets. Their bench is so much deeper. They can get up and down. I believe Toronto is a lot better defensive team.

They have-- I mean, Oladipo's the only one we really had to worry about as far as going off against Cleveland. And when you have Kyle Korver, when you have Kevin Love and JR, those three guys, as one-on-one defenders, they are a liability. Now Tristan and LeBron, especially in the playoff Tristan and LeBron, they can up the ante on the defensive end. But those other three, I believe Toronto's able to take advantage of that.

Nick is concentrating on the starters, as far as, let's watch the starters and compare how many points that they score. Because everyone knows no one for LeBron through this playoff series, his third time in his career, didn't score 20 points. And what a huge, you know, stat that is.

3,486 times during the regular season an NBA player scored 20 points. The Cavs went seven games where they did not have anyone help LeBron out. And if that continues, I can guarantee that LeBron James and the Cavs will go out in the semifinals against Toronto.

- I just don't think-- I think it is impossible for the supporting cast to be as bad in Round 2 as they were in Round 1. I think that-- now, it's not--

CRIS CARTER: And we have no other proof, but they've been so bad. It's like, man, my car broke down. Man, it's been giving me so many problems. It can't get worse. Yeah, you know what happens then? Then you lose the transmission.

NICK WRIGHT: Well, hold on-- except for--

- What do you have to base it on?

- I have to base it on that Kevin Love has been a really good player in the playoffs, except for against the Warriors, his whole time in Cleveland.

CRIS CARTER: Let's just say over-- let's say overall, has Kevin Love-- have you been not yet disappointed with Kevin Love since they traded for him with LeBron?

NICK WRIGHT: Oh, absolutely. I mean listen, they won that title, so you give them all a pass to a degree. But no, Kevin Love has not been the level of player you had hoped he would be. But he hadn't been a huge liability the way he was in Round 1.

- I mean, Twitter was exploding. Kevin Love had 8 points in the fourth quarter. They were like, my god.


- Right.

CRIS CARTER: Let's put him in the Hall of Fame.

- Absolutely, I understand that. But so--

- Our standard for Kevin Love, man, has dropped so low.

- Right, but I think--

CRIS CARTER: But in doing that, we've extended so much faith to LeBron.

- I-- I understand that part of it. I just-- right-- I think Kevin Love tonight set the over-under at 17 or 18 points. That would be his best game that he's had in the playoffs. That's not a great game.


- It's not-- I'm not saying that Kevin Love is going to have a 25, 15 Minnesota Kevin Love game. Those days I believe are gone. But I-- can Kevin Love--

- But he played that way during the regular season.

NICK WRIGHT: Not 25 and 15. He was 20 and 10 in the regular season. I think he has a few of those games left in him, as well. I don't think he'll be as bad this round. Now, Jordan Clarkson, no faith, you know I was saying this. But at the end of the regular season, Jordan Clarkson's favorite play is this-- dribble seven times, then take a contested pull-up jump shot.


- He's so frustrating.

CRIS CARTER: I mean, we could-- my guy, Jeff Green.

- Your guy Jeff Green.

- After you apologized-- oh, Cris, I was wrong about him.

- Yeah.

CRIS CARTER: You were right about Jeff Green. Now we're in the postseason. Nick's right about Jeff Green--

- Right, the real Jeff--

CRIS CARTER: --and I'm wrong about Jeff Green.

- The real Jeff Green showing up. Rodney Hood, Rodney Hood is perplexing. Rodney Hood is one of the best role players you can have in a game that's not on national television in the month of February.


Rodney Hood, whether it's Utah or Cleveland, in the playoffs, he shoots 30%.

JENNA WOLFE: You could do a whole standup thing on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

- If LeBron leaves Cleveland after losing this series, they're gonna take Rodney Hood to the hood and beat him.

JENNA WOLFE: All right.


- So, like-- but I just think-- I think that you're going to get passive-- now, I don't want to even say passive. You're going to get deferring LeBron tonight, because of the exhaustion, and because he knows--

JENNA WOLFE: What does that look like?

- It looks like LeBron finding a lot of guys for open 3s, and we'll see if they hit them. In the last series, they didn't. I think-- I think the first play of the game for the Cavs will be Kevin Love set up on the post. I think the second play for the Cavs will be something to get a Korver open 3, and then they'll go back to Kevin Love. And we'll see if those guys are ready this series. They weren't in Round 1.

- What does LeBron's line look like tonight?

- Tonight?

- Coming off Game 7, coming off how tired he is, and coming off wanting to get the other guys involved.

- I don't think he--

- What would you be happy with?

- I don't think LeBron will score 30 points tonight. I think he's more likely to have more than 12 assists than more than 30 points.

- Jenna, 35, 14, and 9.

NICK WRIGHT: And a loss, you believe.

- 35, 14, and 9. All right.

- Book it, Danno.

- Book it, Danno. [LAUGHS]