Cris Carter explains how the Cleveland Browns finally got it right with Baker Mayfield in the 2018 NFL Draft

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In his discussion with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe surrounding the 2018 NFL Draft, Cris Carter unveils how John Dorsey and the Cleveland Browns finally got it right by taking Baker Mayfield at No. 1. Do you agree with Cris?

- I believe the Browns did get it right, and it's not only because the talent that I believe Baker has, it's also his personality. There's some other things that I think that will come out in trying to evaluate this player. Some people from Cleveland, they thought he had a photographic memory. They thought his ability to remember things beyond even just the normal intellect that other players would have. He also has that little edge to him.

If you look at their coaching staff, and I think it's very important, Hugh has developed a lot of good offensive players. Now, because he's been in Cleveland, he's not going to get credit for that. But Todd Haley, he's gotten credit from around the league developing players. Also, a player who has the type of personality of Baker Mayfield, I believe it's a perfect match for someone like Todd Haley.

People wondered, man, how is Ben Roethlisberger going to do after Bruce Arian leaves? They get Todd Haley, and they might not have liked-- they might not have been in love with each other, but the overall productivity that Ben got-- Ben got a lot better as a quarterback with Todd. I believe you'll see some of those results in Cleveland. He is the leader, and he has the type of personality, I believe, to take over a franchise and take over a city like Cleveland.

- And as far as the Todd Haley personality as the new offensive coordinator in Cleveland, I know Todd better than I know any coordinator in the league. Todd will get along with Baker Mayfield. Todd will not be bothered by some of the bravado that might have scared some other teams off. Todd has a lot of that bravado himself.

I told you guys the silly story that Hugh Jackson relayed about Baker Mayfield walking into the room--

JENNA WOLFE: It wasn't that silly.

- --saying, hee hee! And then all of his teammates doing-- making that same sound, and how Hugh found that inspiring. The moment they select Baker Mayfield, the Browns official Twitter account tweets out, hee hee! So it resonated throughout, for some reason or another, throughout the organization.

I will give the Brown's credit for this. I wouldn't have had the courage to make this pick. If I'm Cleveland, if I'm new GM John Dorsey-- if I'm a team that has become the punch line of the league, because I have whiffed on quarterbacks, sometimes because I've gone with the prototype in Tim Couch, sometimes because I've gone with the high upside guy in Johnny Manziel-- I would have gone with the safest guy. I think the safest guy was one of the two quarterbacks from Southern California, most likely Sam Darnold. They went with a guy who they think can be the best.

And I'll add one other piece to this that I wasn't doing the math on until recently. We talk a lot about transitions from your starter to your backup, one guy grooming another guy. Tyrod Taylor's style of football is not terribly dissimilar to Baker Mayfield. Baker is a more talented player, but when we are talking about if you are going to have an offense built around the guy who you signed to come in and start this year, theoretically Tyrod, but hope Baker takes over maybe, at some point in the year, you're not going to have to drastically change the offense the way, for example, the Texans did when they go from Tom Savage to Deshaun Watson. Tyrod and Baker shares some similarity skill somewhere.

- One thing, though, that you didn't calculate was John Dorsey hadn't-- he hadn't picked no bad quarterbacks. So he's new at it. Not new at being a general manager, but he's new to Cleveland, so he doesn't have that past buyer's remorse that may be someone else in the organization that's been there longer, the owner there--

- So he could be influenced by past [INAUDIBLE], which is great.

- He went with the best guy. You know that, because he has the top pick. He doesn't have to make any excuses. And he's the only general manager that had the pick of all the players. So everyone else would be like, yeah, I got the guy that I wanted. But the only one that we know to be true is John Dorsey, because he had the first pick.