Nick Wright reveals how Josh Rosen’s post-draft comments could put a target on his back

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Reflecting on how the 2018 NFL Draft unfolded with Josh Rosen falling to the Arizona Cardinals at No. 10, Nick Wright reveals how Rosen's post-draft comments about being pissed off after teams passed on him could put a target on his back for both the media and players alike. Despite Rosen's incendiary comments, find out why Nick believes he could be the best QB in the 2018 class.

- And we talked about this at the top of the show. This was a perfect fit for him. This is a better fit than either of the New York teams, either because you're sitting behind Eli or because the Jets have just not proven to be a well-run franchise. Not to mention the weather and the elements you'd have to play in compared to Arizona.

But as far as the comments go, what I thought was interesting is, right after he got drafted, Deion interviews him. And he clearly wanted to say some of these things. And he was able to say I'm just super excited, I'm so happy. And about 10, 20 minutes later he can't control himself anymore. This is who he's going to be. And it is putting a bigger target on his back for media members, I believe. I don't know about other players in the league. But as far as the media wanting to--

- The players in the league don't care.

- Right. But as far as the narrative surrounding him, there are going to be people he's rubbed the wrong way, so they will look for a reason to tear him down. But this also could be the beginning of a great story. Like Josh Rosen, if he ends up being right, if he ends up proving out to be as good as he believes he is, then there's no problem with it.

Like I don't, I always prefer, and this is one of the places you and I differ, I prefer honest arrogance to false humility. I want to know who you really are. And Josh Rosen, more than any player I can remember being drafted in recent memory, has shown us who he really is. So I'm not going to knock a guy for that. And I happen to think if he can stay healthy, he is going to be the best quarterback in the draft.

- I think in life we present a version that's acceptable to people, even yourself, Nick. No one wants to be blatantly honest in every aspect of their life. He's immature, he doesn't understand what the NFL's about. And eventually, he will get that understanding. A lot of kids, they make the same mistakes. But you don't know what you don't know.

People watch the NFL on TV, oh, I know what it's like to be an NFL player, I know what it's like to be interviewed. No you don't. They don't know what it's like to be passed over in the draft. They don't know it. And he might be right about his future, but about what happened in the draft, he's not right about.

Barkley was the best pick for the Giants. Some of these other picks were the right picks for those teams. Like all these teams didn't need quarterbacks. So trying to take it out on all these other teams, there are bigger obstacles than you slipping to number 10 in the draft.

- And two quick things. One, the self-control that you talked about. Him not, you know, being able to control it with Deion, but letting it stew and stew and 10 minutes later he felt like he needed to say it. Those are some of the things that our analysts, Mangini and those guys talked about. That these are the things he can't fully control and you hope he'll be able to do.

And then number two, the other thing that puts him in a great position is, who is he competing against? Sam Bradford? Like, he's in a great position right now to just, for lack of a better term, shut up, prepare, practice, get ready to go and be your starter when the season starts.

- And Sam will be a great asset for him. Arizona, they told me last night, they don't plan on him playing unless Sam gets hurt. But with Sam Darnold.

- With Sam Bradford.

- Yeah, Sam Bradford. But the chance of him getting hurt real high.

- Pretty good.

- He's got the Kawhi Leonard of injuries. Hey, coming up, Jaguars star and Josh Rosen's UCLA teammate, Myles Jack joins us in studio, it's next on "First Things First."

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