Cris Carter and Nick Wright on the report that the Browns are targeting Baker Mayfield at #1 in the 2018 NFL Draft

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With the 2018 NFL Draft just hours away tonight on Fox, Cris Carter and Nick Wright weigh in on the new report that the Cleveland Browns are targeting Baker Mayfield for their #1 pick in the draft. Will Baker play in Cleveland next year?

- CC, let's break this down a bit. Would Baker Mayfield be the right pick for the Browns at number one,

CRIS CARTER: I don't think that he's the wrong pick. And if he was three inches taller-- he's 6-1 now. If he was was 6-4, even if he was 6-3--

NICK WRIGHT: He'd be the consensus.

CRIS CARTER: He would be the consensus. Just based on how he threw the ball, what he accomplished at Oklahoma, the consistency for which he played, not only his sophomore season, his junior season, his senior season. He's the only guy that was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy in those three seasons.

And I like the Baker Mayfield story. And it's an intriguing story. Coming out of high school, he had a hard decision to make. And it was to take a lesser scholarship somewhere else, or to walk on at Texas Tech. And his dad, him and his dad almost got into a fight. He walked away from his dad. His dad wanted him to stick in there, not take the easy way, the scholarship, but to walk on at Texas Tech, and try to fight to earn himself a scholarship. His dad believed in his ability more than he did at that time, and that was the conflict.

He finally went back to the house, after going through the neighborhood and everything. Went back home, was like, "You know something, dad? I'm going to listen to you. I'm not going to take the easy way out. I'm going to walk on at Texas Tech. I believe in my ability. I believe in what you're telling me."

All right? And that's what he did. Went to Texas Tech. End up leaving there, going to Oklahoma, to build himself into potentially being the first player in the draft.

Now, there are some things off the field that you might not like. It's not clean. But to me, he hadn't done the type of things, that if he is a franchise quarterback, that I would not take him.

And also, in talking to the football administration people at Oklahoma, when Oklahoma was playing at Ohio State, I met Baker on the field, talking to the football people around him, talking to his teammates, he is a leader of men. And that's the thing you have to go from, from college to pro. College, those aren't grown men. Now they think they're grown. They're legal age. But they're grown men in the NFL. Everyone's grown. People paying mortgages. People got several kids. There's a lifestyle that they're accustomed to.

So, in trying to be a leader of them, I think it's totally different than trying to be the big man on campus that it takes in college.

NICK WRIGHT: If Baker's the number one pick of this draft, it won't be, for him, hopefully, the end of the story. But it will be the midway point of what could be one of the greatest and most unlikely sports stories of my lifetime. A guy who has to walk on at not one, but two schools. Then, going into, after being a Heisman finalist, his second to last year at Oklahoma, setting the all time college football quarterback rating record. Not being considered anywhere near first round, first overall pick. He wasn't considered a first round pick going into his last year Oklahoma.

Going from that, to winning the Heisman, breaking his own quarterback rating record. But when that year ended, he was considered, clearly, the fourth quarterback of this class. He was closer to the Lamar Jackson area of the draft than he was the Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen area of this draft.

If the story then goes to number one pick of the draft, we're talking about an unprecedented meteoric rise over the last five years. Now, if I were Cleveland., I don't think I'd have the guts to do it. If I were Cleveland, I'd go with the safest guy. I think Rosen's going to be the best. But the safest is Darnold. And I just don't want to have a guy that--

- Safest only in your mind.

NICK WRIGHT: Of course. I'm just speaking for me. I'm saying, if I were Cleveland-- some teams have the luxury of saying, who has the best chance of being an all-pro? If I'm Cleveland, I'm like, man who has the worst chance of being a bust? That's who I would go with, because they haven't had a quarterback in so long. But this would be an amazing story, if Baker ends up going number one.

- So if Baker goes number one, then some time between when he graduated, when he played his last game, and this morning, something changed for the Cleveland Browns. What do you think it was-- like, what do you think weight more heavy for them? Do you think it was more the interview, knowing his personality, his leadership skills? Was it the combine? Was it the personal workouts that he might have done? What do you think it was, that actually changed his draft status from being, probably, the fourth or fifth quarterback, to possibly the number one?

CRIS CARTER: Getting to know the prospect. That becomes very important. Who that person is in those rooms. Is he commanding enough? Can he express enough, what he knows about football, how much he cares about the game, and some of the smoke. How much of it is real? Are there actually some fire there, with the smokes? You know, him running from the cops. That's not a good look. When you start to go back and investigate these things, you're like, "Wow, OK. I have a comfort level."

Also, Josh Allen had a tremendous start on him. From Cleveland, from late November, they had Josh Allen number one on their board.

NICK WRIGHT: And HE seems like he's made up the ground. This would be crazy.