Nick Wright unveils a playoff scenario in which the Pelicans can defeat the Warriors

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In his discussion with Chris Broussard, Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe surrounding the 2018 NBA Western Conference Playoffs, Nick Wright unveils a scenario in which Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans can defeat the Golden State Warriors. Do you agree with Nick?

- The big issue is, listen, here's the problem with having to play a fifth game. It's 48 more minutes where someone can get hurt. It's 48 more minutes where something can go wrong. It's 48 more minutes where Draymond can accumulate another flagrant foul point. They don't want to have to play a fifth game.

To Jenna's point, I think they fell, I mean, we've seen them in two games prior to this in the series, not play well in the first half. The Spurs either have a lead or they're right there. It's close, six point game or less. And then the Warriors blow the doors off them in the third quarter.

It looked like they were en route to that and then those Warriors went cold late in the fourth and the Spurs caught, I don't want to say caught fire, Manu made a couple shots, all of a sudden they win the game. But CC's point about Draymond and Iggy having the worst shooting seasons of this run is enormously important in this upcoming series.

If in the beginning of the series, Steph isn't there and you have to play a center, because Anthony Davis is out there. If Draymond is not a threat to shoot and Iggy is not a threat to shoot, and you're playing JaVale McGee, all of a sudden, that's a pretty easily guardable offense.

I know you have Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, but Klay Thompson, as great of a shooter as he is, he's not a guy that's going to break you down off the dribble. So then you've got, those are two amazing players. I'm not taking anything away from them. But the offense, it becomes OK listen, just make sure JaVale doesn't catch the lob.

Sag off Draymond, sag off Iggy, so Klay doesn't get these open shots, like all of a sudden, you see the Pelicans saying, oh we can deal with that, as long as Steph's not out there. Like that to me is what yesterday further verified or validated in my mind.

- Well, it looks like he's not going to be there for a couple of to start this this series. If you're New Orleans, you got to be thinking let's get these games when Steph's out.

- Of course.

- 'Cause without Steph, I would still probably pick the Warriors, but I think New Orleans could beat them.

- If you found, hold on, I want to make sure I understand that. If it was said today, Steph is out for this series, you still think you'd pick the Warriors?

- Probably in seven.

- Do the whole thing where you drop down from Mars. Than what happens?

- No, look, New Orleans looks great. They're becoming my favorite team. They're fun to watch.

- A lot of people.

- The back court, I mean Rondo shows up in the play, we talk about guys, Harden and Chris Paul, being better in the regular season. Rondo is better in the playoffs. Jrue Holiday is emerging I heard you guys talking earlier, I wouldn't bring back Boogie. I wouldn't bring back Boogie.

- With the Pelicans?

- I think they're better without him.

- Yeah, but look what they're--

- He's a great, great numbers and all that, but they move the ball better, they play at a faster pace. I think Boogie, look, I don't think he plays winning basketball.

- Oh, wow.

- He's never been to the playoffs and I know he wasn't always in great situations. But he takes bad 3s. He doesn't do the little intangible things that make a team better. Now to his, I will say this, they were starting to play really well before Boogie got hurt.

- Yes.

- So I'll give him that. But they, I mean, Mirotic just added another element by spreading the floor. I wouldn't do it.

- That was, that was Jenna's--

- That was my point earlier.

Jenna feels so good right now.