Stephen Jackson on Philly’s Joel Embiid: ‘Put the mask on, go out there and be a superhero!’

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In his reaction to Joel Embiid's Twitter comments last night that he's tired of being 'babied' due to his orbital fracture injury, Stephen Jackson explains to Nick Wright, Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why the Sixers' big man needs to overrule his trainers, strap on his mask and go help his team out on the court because a face injury, as Jax says, does not affect one's ability to run and shoot.

- Come on, man. Listen, I was in a situation where I got hit by a car and knocked all my teeth. And I was trying to play three days later, OK?


CRIS CARTER: This is real. This is a real situation.

- This is real talk, you know what I mean? So I don't-- you got something in your face. Your legs work fine. Your arms and all that work fine. Put the masks on. Go out there be a superhero, OK? Go out there and play.

You not getting babied. If you wanted to play-- let me say one thing. When you a star on a team, you can overrule everybody on that staff, trainers, everybody, if you want to play, OK? And-- and he should have played last night, because going up 2-0 in that series would have been big for them going to Miami.

CRIS CARTER: Well, my guy Anquan Boldin would have broke face. It's the NFL. Now, we're made of a different type of stuff.

- I'm made of that. I'm made of that.

- Well, Boldin did was it-- tell the audience what Boldin did. What Boldin did was he got hit so hard, Kurt Warner thought about retiring because he felt badly for throwing the pass. And then what Anquan Boldin do?

- He played the next week. He played in the NFL.

NICK WRIGHT: With his jaw wired shut, right?

CRIS CARTER: Yes, absolutely. Orbital fracture, yes.

STEPHEN JACKSON: Can't teach that.

- No, you can't. And I do understand. He just got through the concussion protocol Sunday, Monday. But there is a certain amount of what is best for the kid. And they didn't think they was going to be one to one. They thought there were going to be able to slide through this and be up 2 and 0, already.

JENNA WOLFE: Stephen, do you think this is one of those, hold me back! Hold me back! Oh, hold me back. I want to play.

- I've just never seen a face injury being the reason why you can't run and shoot, a face injury be career threatening.

CRIS CARTER: I think the most interesting point that you have is that, if you're a superstar, you can get on the course.

STEPHEN JACKSON: Easy! If you want to, they can't hold you back. you have that right. You're a superstar. If you feel like you're physical, you can go out there and play and help the team and not hurt them.

- As long--

- You can make that decision.

- Here's the thing. I-- I'm certain Embiid couldn't make that decision when it came to his foot stuff. I'm certain that, if this were an injury that they think could change the trajectory of his career, that they say, we've invested too much. We've already given you the max deal. No.

But your point, tell me if I'm wrong here, is that nobody thinks the face injury is like, oh, he goes out there and re-injures it, now, he's not going to be the player he was going to be because it's not a foot. It's not a knee. It's not even an ankle. So you think that, if Embiid wanted to play as bad as his social media is making out to be, he could get out there?

- A foot, whatever it is, bone spurs, how many people can even walk with bone spurs in the bottom of their foot? I played three years with it. And I could have easily decided to sit out and not play the year in Golden State, but we were on a playoff run. I decided to push through it.

Yeah, my trainer was saying, you don't need to. Have surgery. I decided to wait till after the season. So he could make that decision. It's totally up to him.

JENNA WOLFE: Would Joel Embiid have made a big difference in that game last night?

- Of course! I think they would have won it. I mean, this is one of the best big men in the game. They don't have an answer for Joel Embiid.


- Not at all, because he does so much on the court as far as inside and out, offensively and defensively. They should have played him last night. I love Brett Brown, but I think I would have forced him to play. Going up 2-0 with a young team like this, that helps their confidence going on the road. And you can't get that game back.

NICK WRIGHT: So what will it say to you if he doesn't play game three?

- That stop tweeting that I'm getting babied. Make the decision. You can make the decision. You can go and look at your coach and be like, Coach, listen, I understand. It's a face injury. I have a mask on. I can play. You can force the issue. And if you're not going to do that, then stop tweeting.