Cris Carter and Nick Wright discuss The Process and the 76ers’ title chances

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Cris Carter and Nick Wright break down how impressive this season has been for the Philadelphia 76ers and why winning the final game of the regular season is essential for them.

- CC, how impressive is this Sixers turnaround?

- Oh, it's impressive. It's impressive to have that many talented, young players and to have-- I mean, we asked a question, will Joel Embiid, will he reach his potential? Yeah. Will Ben Simmons, will he reach his? Yeah.

Markelle being back, playing. Man, that's promising to have all these top-rated players because most of these players were ranked number one. All three of them were ranked number one in their draft class. To have them progressing, to have Joel Embiid to be the superstar, to have Ben Simmons recovered from his injury.

And to have a injury-free season where he has been a dominant player, and you have seen him evolve. That now he's going from one feet to four feet as far as his shooting range. Like, this is important. The head coach, the organization to say, man, the process-- the process works.

The process does work. Now they have some proof in the pudding. So it's very impressive. And the end of the stretch, where they've shown some maturity without Joel Embiid.

NICK WRIGHT: That's it.

- Where they have been able to win in a different type of way, I think is even more impressive than winning the 15 in a row.

- The day Joel Embiid went down, I came on TV and said-- or I guess the day after-- and said, if the Sixers want to stay the three seed, or be the three seed, they are going to have to go undefeated the rest of the season. They're gonna have to go 9 and 0 to finish the season if they are gonna be the three seed. At that point, we knew Kyrie was questionable, and we now know he's out for the playoffs. We knew how important it was for them to be the three seed. And while their schedule was soft, they had a game against Cleveland, they had the tough game tonight against the Bucks coming up, I didn't think they could do it.

They're one game away from doing it. The extra experience I believe they will get-- in the postseason by being the three seed-- if they win tonight-- first round win, second round win where you will be favored over Boston-- is invaluable. That's what this kid-- that's how Ben Simmons locked up Rookie of the Year. Without Joel Embiid over these last two weeks, they have not lost. He's nearly averaging a triple double.

But then the team, as a whole, once you get Embiid back, how good are they? Well, since Christmas, they've been the second-best team in the NBA. They've had the best defense in the NBA, the best point differential in the NBA. That's a 50-game sample that we're talking about. So I think they're too young and too green to make the Finals, to win three playoff rounds.

But could they win one playoff round? Absolutely. Could they win two playoff rounds? Yeah, they could. And that would be a year or two ahead of what I thought was realistic progress for a team that won 28 games last year.

- Quickly, just talk about why it's so important for them to land in that three seed.

- Because, first of all, Indiana's good. We don't talk about them. Oladipo's good, their coach has been great this year in Nate McMillan. They're a deep team. Myles Turner's a good player.

So you avoid them in the first round, but most importantly, it's round two. It's that Cleveland, now, has to play Toronto. If you're the four seed, you have to play Toronto and Cleveland, most likely. If you're the three seed, you get a injured Boston team, and then only one of Cleveland or Toronto. That's why tonight's game-- it's been an amazing two weeks for them, it's been an amazing month for them-- they gotta win tonight against Milwaukee.

- Let's see what that spread is, everybody.