Nick Wright questions if Dana White will ever grant Conor McGregor another fight in UFC’s Octagon

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In his reaction to Conor McGregor attacking a bus full of fighters at the UFC 223 Media Day, Nick Wright questions if UFC President Dana White will ever grant Conor McGregor another fight in the Octagon. Additionally, Nick Wright breaks down how McGregor's criminal actions will negatively impact lightweight Michael Chiesa and flyweight Brandon Moreno whose fights were both canceled after the fighters sustained lacerations to their face and eyes from glass shards. Will McGregor ever fight in the Octagon again after causing such chaos?

NICK WRIGHT: So McGregor shows up. What they're doing is they're trying to set up the next fight with Khabib. That's what I thought was happening. And then you see the video. And then you see him getting arrested.

JENNA WOLFE: And then you see that people got hurt.

NICK WRIGHT: Man, multiple people got hurt. He had to scratch multiple fights. And like you said, we'll talk to Dana White about this in a moment. But this is-- I would set the over/under at $40 million this may have cost Conor McGregor? And I'm not even talking future earnings. I'm talking lawsuits. I'm talking about-- I mean, if you're a fighter, if you're Pettis, and now you can't fight, like--

CRIS CARTER: Supposed to be fighting on Saturday night.

NICK WRIGHT: Supposed to be fighting in the-- not even the prelims-- in the main pay-per-view view card. I don't know. I mean, I'm no lawyer. But I would say, listen, guess what? We're in Barclays, we're in New York, we're in the UFC pay-per-view. This is what was going to launch me to become him! And now you've robbed me of it.

Now, my career is forever altered. So I'm going to need some of that money, man. I don't know what hap-- I understand the fight game's different. I understand we accept things in the fight game we don't accept in other sports.


NICK WRIGHT: But this was so above and beyond what is acceptable in any walk of life, it was remarkable.

CRIS CARTER: And they've been pushing it right to the edge, you know, as far as promoting fights, things they were allowed to that, oh, you know, that's just him. Or that's just the business. But they went too far. And I don't know. I mean, with security today, how'd they get into the Barclays?

NICK WRIGHT: So Dana White talked about this. Two media members let him in, two accredited-- now Dana's upset with those guys. He wants those guys arrested. But two guys let in his whole crew. And then as far as security goes, if I'm working like part-time security at Barclays, I don't-- Conor McGregor and 20 dudes-- I don't want none of that.

JENNA WOLFE: The other thing that's a little hazy is the why. There are multiple reports of why he did this, and it's a grudge that he had, and what he was upset about.

CRIS CARTER: Well, this is the thing. He's petty. And he's lost perspective. Because where would he be without UFC? I mean, they staged this big event with Floyd. I mean, that was a heist! That was a money heist. That was no fight. Like, where would Conor McGregor be without that money that he got on that night that it wasn't a fight?

So for me, he's lost perspective. Other people are trying to build their career, and he's gone too far, this time, to rein him in. Normal people wouldn't be allowed to do something like that-- enter a sporting event, assault people, and be able to leave the building. I was pretty shocked that they got in. And I was more shocked that they let them out after the things that they did.

NICK WRIGHT: I want to just add a little context. Because Conor got away, not with something this bad, but remember when he threw the full cans? And there was the press conference. And it was full-- I don't know, maybe energy drinks, whatever it was. He's throwing them.

There's a crowd there, there's media there. And I mean, they were-- again, like you guys know how heavy a soda can is.

CRIS CARTER: Or a water bottle, a plastic water bottle.

NICK WRIGHT: But it wasn't just that. It was also cans. It was water bottles and cans. Could have really hurt people. And he kind of skirted on this one. He's not going to skirt on this. The penalties for this-- and I'm very curious if Dana White-- I mean, now that he's had at least a night to rest on it, we'll talk to him in a few minutes-- if he wants to be in the Conor McGregor business anymore.

Because as we saw, he doesn't have a boxing future. Now he's acting like he thinks he's got some type of wrestling future. But I mean, this is-- that was unbelievable to see.