Cris Carter reacts to Houston Texans owner Bob McNair’s disingenuous apology on ‘inmates’ remark

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In his discussion with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carer reacts to Houston Texans owner Bob McNair saying that the main thing he regrets about his 'inmates' remark is apologizing, noting that all players and fans should know that this is a man who will never change his mindset.

- Bob McNair needs to stop talking publicly. I mean, that's-- that's my immediate reaction. My immediate reaction is he is doing no one any favors by continuing to do these interviews. I am not someone that gives a pass because he's 80 years old. He's-- I know plenty of older folks. Heck, we just had my wife's grandparents in studio last week. They're almost 90. They got it all together.

He hasn't passed on control of his team. He's got it all together. He knows what he's saying. And he not only said that-- and by-- and he insulted other people's intelligence. He's like, listen, maybe they're not familiar. This is a term used in the business world a lot. No, it's not.

The term is inmates running the asylum. It's about crazy people, not about criminals. So when you say inmates running the prison, and you're talking about an overwhelmingly black league protesting treatment by the police up to--

CRIS CARTER: Oh, no, Nick, I wasn't talking about them. I was talking about Park Avenue, Roger Goodell. Roger Goodell making 35 million. That's who I was talking about.

- That's-- that's an insult to my intelligence. It is also an insult to a friend of mine in this interview, Duane Brown. Duane Brown is one of the most respectable players in this league, a leader on each team has been on, a leader in the community. And Duane Brown said that-- when Duane Brown came on-- he held out last year with the Texans. That was about a contract dispute. And then he also-- he commented on Bob McNair's comments when he was a Texan. Then, he got traded to Seattle.

And he said that Bob McNair, post the election of President Obama, said to the team what a bad day it was. Bob McNair called him a liar. I've spoken with Bob McNair before in my life. I've spoken a lot with Duane Brown in my life. I do not know Duane Brown to be a liar. I can say, I believe what Duane Brown said. So that means I do not believe what Bob McNair said.

And my last point on this is this, CC. The team owners need to recognize they are-- they say they are worried about the protests, not because they disagree with the protests, but because it could affect the bottom line. It turns off the consumer. It turns off the audience. Amen. There is a segment of your audience very turned off by what Bob McNair said. There are people that-- that kneel in solidarity with the Texans. Or even if they don't, they believe in the player's right to do so.

And hearing these types of-- these types of, in my eyes, indefensible comments makes-- whether it be players less likely to want to sign there, fans less likely to want to go to the games, or people less likely want to watch the games, that's all a real thing. All the things you're saying the kneeling is doing, these comments are doing.

- And Bob McNair-- to add to that, Bob McNair supported Jerry Richardson for the things that he did and said, the workplace problems, the environment that he created there in Carolina. Bob McNair said, oh, you know, he-- he didn't really mean that. So you can't depend on Bob McNair.

It's really disappointing because I just think the Houston fans and the players should take note, this is how your owner is, all right? This is who he is, this is what he stands for, and this is what he's about.

Now, when he came into the National Football League, he didn't have no finance plan. He asked them how much it was-- it was $550 million-- he brought out his checkbook, didn't have an entourage of people with him, in the ownership meeting, filled out the check, and slid it across. Now, that don't make him no genius, that just makes him rich.

And to me, it just makes him naive and rich. Because in the environment that we're in, he had an opportunity. He could of level set everything. Yeah, those comments right there, even though they used to be comments that I used to use, I realize right now how offensive they are. But he really doesn't see that.

This is who he is. Houston Texans, this is who your owner is. The fans, this is who your owner is. The players that play for the Texans or anyone who might want to play for the Texans, this is the guy who owns your team. Don't think he's going to change.

And the reason why is-- why he's not going to change is because it's hard for rich people to change, all right? It's hard for them. And you could see that in his comment.