Dana White on potentially firing Conor McGregor: This is way bigger than that – this is criminal

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UFC President Dana White discusses the potential fallout from Conor McGregor attacking a bus full of fighters at the UFC 223 Media Day, noting that some of the fighters on the bus like lightweight Michael Chiesa and flyweight Brandon Moreno sustained lacerations and abrasions to their face and eyes which caused their fights to be subsequently canceled.

- Have you spoken to Conor? Do you plan to speak to Conor? Have you spoken to his people? Where are you with that?

- Conor and I talked through texts yesterday. Probably, obviously, the worst conversation we've ever had. But yeah, we talked yesterday before he turned himself in.

- Wait, worst conversation? Well you mean that he didn't understand what had happened?

- No. I don't believe he did.

- Or the severity of what happened?

- It's not that I don't think he understood what happened. It's just, he justified it. It was justified to him. Listen, I'm sorry about Mike and I'm sorry about Rose and whoever else might have, whatever-- but this has to be done.

- So when you say-- his issue was with [INAUDIBLE], right?

- Right.

- He is in one of the only industries in the world where if you have an issue with someone, not only are you allowed to punch them in the face repeatedly, you can make millions of dollars to punch them in the face repeatedly. So I'm not asking you to get in his head, but why was there the inability, in your opinion, to just say, OK, now I have real animosity towards the guy. And, by the way, you didn't want to strip him of his belt. You'd rather him be fighting anyway.

- Yes.

- Let's just make-- I can maybe show up, I can be in the crowd, I can get the buzz started. And then set up a fight. Why not that route? The logical route?

- Yeah. You're asking the same questions that I'm asking. And that's what I said yesterday. If you have a problem with somebody in this business, we can handle it. You can literally fight them and do whatever, within the rules of fighting, you do that. And that's absolutely what should have been done. You're talking about one of the biggest superstars, globally, in all of sports. And it doesn't get any worse than this.

- Does he have a future with you?

- I honestly, sitting here right now-- people keep asking me, are you going to fire him? Are you going to fire him? This is way bigger than are you going to fire a guy. This is criminal. Other fighters-- some of our staff, one of our staff, one of our security guys--

- Broke his knuckles?

- Yeah. Broken knuckle, was punched repeatedly by guys. We have the whole footage. We have the footage from the cameras that were shooting, UFC embedded. Cameras from inside and outside and the arenas. So we literally have everything.