Nick Wright questions why the Ravens would sign ‘divisive and injury-prone’ RG3 to backup Flacco

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In his reaction to the Ravens signing Robert Griffin III to a 1-year deal, Nick Wright questions why Baltimore would sign RG3 who has a reputation of being such a divisive and injury-prone quarterback.

- I've said multiple times on this show that I don't think black quarterbacks get a fair shake as backups. We got a lot of bad white quarterbacks--

- A lot of bad quarterbacks.

- --sitting on benches. And it feels to me like, if you're a black quarterback, even in 2018, if you're not good enough to be a starter, it's very hard for you to get a job as a backup. I feel like they're playing by a different standard. And so I understand that I think people probably would expect me to be a fan of the RGIII signing because I'm also a better on talent.

As CC was talking about talent, like, one of the reasons I like-- I'll deal with all the Odell stuff, give me all the talent in the world. RGIII to me, though, checks a bunch of boxes that are not boxes I want checked for my backup quarterback. One is the injury part of it. Because if Joe Flacco goes down, at the very least, I want to know the guy who has been my backup is going-- even if he's not great-- is going to be able to go out there and give me a month of football--

JENNA WOLFE: Stay healthy.

- --if I need him to.


- RGIII is as injury prone as any quarterback I've seen in the last decade. So that's one box. Another box is I don't want my backup quarterback to be a divisive force in my locker room. Now, I think that was an unfair knock on Kap. I don't think he was divisive in the locker room. Might have been divisive amongst the fans. Might have been divisive amongst the owners. But--

- Neither one of them were liked in the locker room. The real truth, RGIII was not liked in the locker room, and Kap was not liked before the protests in the locker room.

- OK, well, maybe before the protests in the locker room. But nobody was keeping him out of the league before the protests. Post-protest, he won whatever the award is for voted on by his teammates.

CRIS CARTER: Yeah, that don't mean the--


- --that don't mean the teammate that we like. That means teammate that showed the most courage.

- Courage.

- OK?

- OK.

- And it did take courage.

- CC's right. CC's right--

- And if I could spill over everything.

- --on that front about the Kap thing. [CHUCKLES]

- So just, well, and we can get into the Kap thing, but let me just finish this real quick. I don't-- and whether RGIII it's fair or not, that guys seem to, at each stop he's been at, not love him in the locker room, that coaches, at his first stop in particular, haven't loved him and his father, that is, to me, a real thing. And so there are-- RGIII, if I were a Ravens fan, this is not the guy I would want as my backup quarterback.

Now, I understand the idea of, if you want to say, we have no hope as a starting quarterback, and we just are going to roll the dice that he's not going to get hurt. We're going to go talent over a McCown brother, talent over one of these guys, fine, I suppose. But for those reasons, I understood why RGIII was out of football last year. I got--

- The Browns, last week, traded Cody Kessler. Now, if there's a market for him, there's a market for RGIII. Now, I wouldn't trade a warm six-pack for Cody Kessler.


- All right? And there's a bunch of bad quarterbacks, all right? So, like, let's just spread it around, all right? I'll take his experience, which none of them other guys have.


- And Josh McCown, y'all tell me when he was good. Forget about bad, forget about getting hurt. When was he any good?

- I'm with you. And he just signed another contract with the Jets.

NICK WRIGHT: Right, but that-- I--

- Ain't nobody on TV telling him he shouldn't have no job.

- Go ahead-- no, I think they're separate categories--


- --to a degree. I think they're separate categories from what you're asking out of Josh McCown and what you're asking out of RGIII. And I think Josh McCown, you saw it when he got injured last year, the effect that it had on what players were saying about him as far as what a rallying force he is in the locker room. Again, I'm not out here advocating for Josh McCown.


- I just don't think-- RGIII is not the guy that I think has gotten an unfair shake in this league. I think there's plenty of guys that have. I don't think RGIII is one of those guys.