Nick Wright reveals how LeBron’s Cavs erased the doubt and are now the clear favorites in the East

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In his reaction to the Cleveland Cavaliers defeating the Toronto Raptors last night, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why he believes there is no doubt The King's squad is now the clear favorite in the East.

- Nick, did the Cavs erase any doubt that they are the favorites in the East, despite what these standings tell us?

- Yeah. I mean, you said they played the best team in the East. I was wondering, was it an inner-squad scrimmage?

JENNA WOLFE: Hilarious.

- Because they're the best team in the East.

- They're doing the best record in the East.

- Listen, they don't have the best record in the East. They don't-- they're right now going to struggle. I mean, they're going to get to around 50 wins-- same as last year, by the way. But you watch-- for them, there has to be an answer to the question, if it's not Cleveland.

And so the question-- what has to go through your mind if you're trying to make the case-- like, a former NBA GM who I have a ton of respect for, Bobby Marks, was trying to make the case to me on Twitter last night that, oh, there's reason to be concerned about the Cavs. Then tell me, if they're the question, who's the answer?

Because I watched Toronto last night try to-- OK, OG Anunoby, rookie, you try to guard LeBron James. That's hilarious. Pascal Siakam, you guarded him and did a good job on him the last time you guys played when he went for 34 and 17. That didn't work out. All right, CJ Miles, you get a chance. LeBron looked like one of those cartoon characters when they put out the big steak in front of him with the saliva coming out when CJ miles started checking him.

Like, so that's your triumvirate to go try to check LeBron James. So if it's not going to be them, who is it going to be? The Celtics? Well, if the Celtics were healthy, but they're not, and they're not going to be. The Celtics with Gordon Hayward and Kyrie and Marcus Smart-- now that's a discussion.

JENNA WOLFE: But they don't have that.

- But that team has not existed but for seven minutes all year. Philly? Listen, I think Philly is the toughest match-up for them. But you simply don't go in the NBA from not making the playoffs to winning your conference. That's never how this goes.

Like, we saw the Celtics do it when they added KG and Ray Allen. That's an outlier. Usually, there's a progression.

Look at the progression the Thunder had. The Thunder went from not making the playoffs to facing a-- to taking the Lakers to six in the first round, to the next year, going to the Western Conference finals against the Mavericks, to then making the finals.

Like, so who's the answer to the question, if it's not Cleveland? You have LeBron playing offensively as well as he's ever played. And the point he made there is important.

They have played zero games this year with their actual lineup. So whatever we think they are right now, theoretically, and I believe, they should be better once they are healthy. And George Hill should be back before the postseason.

So I mean, who are the favorites in the East? The team with LeBron has been the case for the last decade. You see?

- Just pause for silence. Nick Wright, you were right.

- [LAUGHS] That's something I'm trying to teach you.


- I'm trying to teach you, also, but--

- Let me take it in. Hold on. Say it one more time please. Nick Wright was right about Cleveland. I was concerned. Jenna, you were concerned.

And it's not as if we're not fans of LeBron's or fans of the Cavs. It was what was playing out in front of our eyes. I mean, multiple lineups-- Kyrie-- well, let's go back. Kyrie forces a trade. He wasn't happy. He forces a trade out of Cleveland.

Man, LeBron hasn't played without no superstar like Kyrie. Like, how are they going to be able to get it done? And it's not our fault. Toronto, they are a better team. They're still just not as good as Cleveland.

I mean, they got the best record at home. They got a great record on the road-- 24 and 15. Their bench, it is deeper. The younger players, man, they are developing. But they still don't have no answer for the guy in Cleveland.