Cris Carter reveals how Kevin Durant’s 5th ejection negatively affects the NBA and fans of the game

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In his conversation with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter reveals how Kevin Durant's 5th ejection in the Warriors' loss to Bucks negatively impacts the NBA, and more importantly, the fans who shell out their hard-earned dollars to see superstar athletes like KD play in person.

- We just took Kevin on his word. He was on Bill Simmons' podcast yesterday, talking about just watch the game. But man, we stayed up to watch the game. Man, the people that came to the arena, they came to watch Kevin Durant play. And what did they get? They got gypped. Because this new Kevin Durant, like we don't know if he's going to get ejected.

Like it doesn't make sense for the player, like him or any player that I would say is in the top 10 players in the NBA, people spend their hard earned money. This is beyond basketball. We are there to see a product. We saw the uproar last year with fans being upset because coaches and organization were sitting players.

So now we're going to have players just being thrown out of games. Like Kevin Durant needs to realize what's going on. Right now, the NBA has traction like I've never seen, as far as overall popularity, the number of eyeballs that are on the NBA day after day. The great stories that are coming out the NBA. His teammates right now, Clay out, Steph out, Draymond just coming back.

This is not a game that you want to get thrown out. You got a responsibility to the fans, to the organization, but also to your teammates. And the irony to it is OK, you get thrown out. And by the way, Giannis was giving it to him too at halftime. Giannis has 17 points. Giannis had only missed three shots.

Giannis was forearming in his rib cage that he had missed a bunch of games with, because the scouting report said he had some cartilage in his ribs, he has a problem. Giannis was there to play. One day Giannis is going to be the best player in the world. This is not a game you get thrown out of over a foul, non-call foul with the referee, cussing out the referee.

So for me, I'm disappointed because he doesn't understand the magnitude of his decisions and where he is. And the overall responsibility. KD said he's the best player in the world. Well, there's some responsibility that goes with that, KD.

- He does understand a little bit. He's just not self-aware right now. Because he's able to go on and wax poetic for two hours a night about the state of people's perception of who he is and how he plays and what his role is and how people don't understand. And if they just watch basketball, then everyone would be happy.

And then in the same breath, he could tell our Chris Broussard that this is the real him. Not the guy that we all love, not the true fan favorite, but this guy that gets kicked out, that's nasty, that's a little rude. That's got fake Twitter accounts.

- Listen, he has no obligation to be the guy in the MVP speech, by the way.

- But don't whine about it.

- I don't begrudge, well, and even the, the whining about it doesn't even bother me. I don't begrudge, I know you're not into it, but I don't begrudge anyone from living their truth. And you can, you can be whomever you want to be. What I do begrudge you is all of a sudden when you're trying to a championship, it would all, what happened to him?

- End up getting hurt in the third quarter.

- Right, because he had to step up.

- I do--

- All them extra minutes he's got to put on on his body--

- It's going to hurt the team.

- After having one of the worst seasons of his career.

- Listen, and I, Kevin Durant wants people to watch basketball. I don't know that it's possible to watch more basketball than I do. I don't know that it's possible to care more about a league than I do the NBA, even though obviously I've never played in it, I have no connection to it other than I just love it. And it bothers me as a fan that one of the faces of the league continues to conduct himself like he's some enforcer off the bench. He's not.