Nick Wright reacts to Joel Embiid requiring surgery on his orbital fracture: ‘This is devastating!’

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In his discussion with Cris Carter, Chris Broussard and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to Joel Embiid requiring surgery on his orbital fracture that could sideline him for 2-4 weeks. How does this change the landscape of the 2018 playoffs?

- We all agree that if he misses the first round, it drastically changes the playoffs. I think if he's there for game one of the first round, this has already drastically changed the playoffs. This was a team that since Christmas, that's a long time now, 42 games, has the third best record in the NBA.

- People will be shocked by that.

- Third best record in the NBA since Christmas. Houston, Toronto, Philly. This is a team that as we sit here today, has the same number of losses as Cleveland. With a healthy Joel Embiid, with games Atlanta, Charlotte, Brooklyn, Detroit, one game against Cleveland, Dallas, Atlanta and the game against Milwaukee at the end of the year, they could have caught or passed Cleveland.

- Yes.

- So think about what that means. You're the three seed then. You are, we don't know who you'd get in the first round, you'd be a heavy favorite. You then get an injured Boston team in round two, where I would favor you. And then I believe you get a Cleveland team that at the very least, you have home court advantage over in the Eastern Conference finals.

You will avoid Toronto, a team that, if you don't believe in Cleveland out of the East, you got to believe in Toronto. You will be avoiding Toronto until at least the Eastern Conference finals. And you would guarantee you only have to play one of Toronto or Cleveland if you've got the three seed.

They could have gotten the three seed. They were going to have a chance to go beat Cleveland and take it from them. And even if they didn't beat Cleveland, to pass them anyway. This team's 3-8 without him this year. This is, I think been Sims rookie of the year. This is a devastating injury to the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Like this is, in my eyes--

- Devastating.

- I think it's devastating.

- Even if he's back for game one, because there's no guarantee that we're going to catch Cleveland and pass them for a third seed.

- Agreed. There's no guarantee. But now they're going to be in a position in my eyes, where instead of potentially being the three seed, they're the five seed. And they're on the road in every series. Indiana, by the way, can present some problems for them, because I think Oladipo, they don't have a great answer for him defensively, as good as they've been defensively. And it's just and, I've watched these guys play with the mask who don't typically play with the mask. Rip Hamilton's the exception.

- Someone wrote, Kyrie, didn't he hate it and have to--

- Kyrie hated it. These guys hate the mask. And when you're a big guy and the refs tend to let you get bumped and banged, having an eye socket fracture, like coming off surgery on that, I think this is a huge loss for--

- Let's get, first of all, Philly being in the playoffs is good news.

- No doubt.

- All right? Now, he doesn't have an injury that's going to affect him moving forward. It seems like that guys have come back from this on a regular basis. Like now, the injuries and how injuries play out, I believe they will have a drastic influence on the playoffs.

Because I believe guys, guys going into the playoffs are getting hurt, we're going to have several guys get hurt in the playoffs. Like that is definitely going to happen. I believe this will affect the seeding, but I don't believe it will affect Philadelphia and their arc drastically.

- Unless he's out.

- In the future? You talking about in the future.

- Well, I believe he's--

- Just in the first round.

- Going to play.

- OK.

- I believe he's going to play. I believe it won't affect him drastically in this year's playoff.