Nick Wright sets the record straight on Kevin Durant’s media criticisms

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Reflecting on Kevin Durant's harsh comments about media 'fanboys' he made on Bill Simmons' podcast, Nick Wright explains to Cris Carter, Chris Broussard and Jenna Wolfe why KD needs to stop complaining about what's written or said about him in the media and focus on elevating his game.

- We need to set the record straight on this for a moment, because Kevin Durant, up until 18 months ago, was the least scrutinized NBA superstar of this era. Whenever things went wrong in Oklahoma City, it was blamed on Russ.

- On Russ.

- People adored him for his MVP speech as much as they did for his MVP season. His approval rating as a basketball player was higher than anyone's in the league. He was subjected to none of the, can he-- nobody blamed him for losing in five to the Miami Heat even though they had the better record. We never criticized KD, ever.

- Nobody blamed him when they dropped the 3-1 lead. Everybody blames Russ.

- Everybody blames Russ. He then goes to Golden State, is subjected to some criticism, none of which about his play, just about his decision. The decision, I would think, is validated for him by the NBA finals, not just winning a championship, but winning it the way he did, as you put it, dominating in fourth quarters, averaging 35 points, hitting the shot that won the series in the best player in the world's eye. All that happened.

What are you complaining about, bro? Why are you, to this day, live texting people on television commenting to them about what they said about you? Why is that a part of your day to day?

Why are you creating these straw men also in this podcast with Bill Simmons, who has become evidently KD's personal therapist almost. He's gone on with him seven times. Why are you saying, man, I went to Taco Bell.

And it ran through me like you'd be anybody else. I thought I was supposed to have some golden stomach. Nobody says that. Nobody is saying because you're one of the best basketball players in the world you don't have day-to-day problems.

What we are saying is you don't get to be the one superstar athlete in the world that people don't critique. And no one ever says, what's the biggest inditing on KD as a baseball player? That he's maybe the third best player alive, like that maybe it's LeBron, Harden, him? I don't know--

- Right. And I'm not in all camp either that his legacy is based on what he does without Steph. If they're without Steph they're without Steph. It's no different than with LeBron when he was without Kyrie, when he was without Love.

You are not going to win in this league without super talented players or superstars. So for me, my evaluation would be, oh, man, why can't this guy lead them with Draymond and Klay? I won't ever evaluate him that way.

Now, if they were able to get into the finals, I think that you have to analyze what the game is and what the matchup is. But KD right now, I don't think that he realized how much people really love his play. The KD off the court, the KD with the social media, that guy's not real, real attractive.