Nick Wright explains what LeBron James must do to carry his team to the Finals

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In his reaction to LeBron James leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 118-105 victory over the Charlotte Hornets where he notched 41 points, 10 boards and 8 dimes, Nick Wright explains to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe what The King must do to carry his team to the Finals.

- For LeBron to compete in the finals, in every finals, aside from really the five-game win over the Thunder, he has had to have four plus, a triple plus performances. I said yesterday, the only way for the Cavs to beat good teams right now, particularly when Kevin Love isn't playing, and he wasn't last night, and the Hornets aren't even a really good team, is for LeBron to be just out of this world great, or for everyone to hit shots. I have more faith in Lebron's ability to be out of this world great than on his teammates' ability to go 18 of 30 from three. So the answer to your question is yes, absolutely yes.

- Quick follow up, before you jump in. Does he have to be out of the world great plus one other guy, plus a number two? Or can he be out of the world great on his own?

- They can win a game with him. We saw him on his own take two from Golden State in 2015 NBA finals. But to win the series, he needs other people.

- Yes, I'm impressed with what LeBron did, and what he did last night was-- because it's coming off of a horrible four quarters they had in Miami. The team was playing good. I think they won four in a row with Kevin Love coming back. Horrible performance in Miami, a game that Miami was fully engaged. I don't know what Cleveland was doing. But also, what LeBron did last night you, could see, he got other people involved. You could see JR. JR Smith played the best game that I had seen him play this season.

- No question.

- I mean, he was driving the ball to the bucket. He was a play maker, playing some phenomenal defense on occasion. Let's not get carried away. But this is the way LeBron has to play for them, because they're a bad defensive team. And they're not a good offensive team, unless they're rebounding with Kevin Love, and unless they're getting up and down the court. Their half court sets aren't great. So when you're not a great defensive team, you need to be able to outscore teams. And the only way Cleveland is going to build a score, have that type of scoring output is if LeBron goes for 35 or 40.

- I feel like the question isn't whether LeBron has to play like this every night, because we've learned that he can basically turn it on when he wants to, and he has played like this all season. There's no reason to believe he wouldn't. It's whether he's going to get the help to really push it him to a series. So we're not talking one, two, or three games.

- Well, I don't think we should take for granted what LeBron's done since February.

- I don't say take it for granted. He's been consistent with it.

- I don't if it's totally fair to say well, Lebron's going to give you this level of output every night. I think it would be extraordinary if come the Eastern Conference finals, certainly come the NBA finals, he is able to do this with regularity. To your point, it shows you what situation the Cavs are in roster wise. That even if LeBron were to do this every game in the NBA finals, they still finitely could lose those NBA finals, which is the supporting cast question you're talking about.

- Yeah, I don't think there are any match for the team in the west. I'd be surprised if they could win two games against Golden State or against Houston, the way the Cavs are. They are not a good basketball team. They are LeBron James and a couple other supporting guys. And with Kevin Love, with Kevin Love they can't even get through to the east. So this is the way LeBron would have to play for them to be even competitive in a NBA finals, in my book. This is one of the weaker Cavs teams that I've seen with LeBron.