Cris Carter weighs in on what Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys should do with Dez Bryant

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In his conversation with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter offers his opinion on what Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys should do with Dez Bryant. Will Dez be a Cowboy next year?

- Well, you're going to need productivity. You're going to have to pay someone. I mean, it's-- right now, you know, in looking at should they get rid of a guy or not, absent the money, let me just talk about the skill level. You need a number one receiver.

If they take Dez off the roster, they don't have one. Deonte Thompson, he's not a number one receiver. He wasn't even a number one receiver-- he hasn't been a number one receiver since high school. How do I know that?

I know. He's from Florida. I knew him. I saw Florida recruit him. At Florida, he was never a number one receiver. He's never been a number one receiver since he's been in the NFL.

Allen Hurns, is he a number one receiver right now? No, he's not a number one receiver. He's coming off an injury. He was the never clear number one in Jacksonville. So he hadn't been a number one receiver since, when? College. Dez Bryant is a number one receiver.

Now can they maximize his ability, and does the amount of salary that they're paying him live up to their expectations? That is the troubling part. And that's the reason why Jerry Jones is going to go talk to him.

He's not going to talk to him about the route tree. He's not going to talk to him about in the slot. He's not going to talk to him about some type of conditioning. He's going to talk to him about his lack of productivity.

Now, they can say they love you. Yeah, yeah, they love him, yeah, absolutely. But they love him at a certain price, and I believe they're going to ask Dez to take a reduction. Right now, Dallas Cowboys, they're spending the second amount of dollars own salary allocated for next year. They're spending $30 million. And that doesn't include the $12 million over two years that Allen Hurns, because we don't know how that number is going to be split up.

NICK WRIGHT: So you just said they're spending the second most on wide receivers?

- On wide receivers.

- Of any team in the league.

- Them and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay's spending $35 million. They're spending $30 million. So when you look at the overall productivity, what they're getting, all right, Dez Bryant, he's accounting for $16 million against the cap.

Terrance Williams, who broke his foot in the offseason, not during the season, he broke his foot in the offseason. So will he be ready? That's in question, $4.75 million. Cole Beasley, as a slot, is getting $4.25 million. That right there-- I mean, so they're already in a bad spot financially, what they're spending and the productivity that they're not getting from that spot.

- Here's my question about the timing of asking Dez to take a pay cut. Like, Dez and his agent know what wide receivers are and aren't available. We also know that this is not considered a wide receiver-rich draft. So if you go to him at OTAs and say, we want you to take a pay cut-- and given his play, it would be a justifiable ask-- doesn't Dez-- or don't Dez and his people know, like, they can't cut me for all the reasons you just described?

CRIS CARTER: No, they can cut you.


- Now, don't-- don't think you can't get cut. We see star players getting cut all the time. So you don't have leverage because you don't have the resume.


- No, you think you have leverage because the free agent market, but don't fool yourself. Dallas Cowboys will cut Dez Bryant.

- OK, if the-- the point that I'm asking is, what you just said there, is they don't have a number one. This guy's not a number one, this guy's not a number one. Dez is. So that doesn't give him, in your eye, in your mind, a piece of leverage, which is--

CRIS CARTER: If you were Dez Bryant, you were sitting in his shoes, you feel like you have some type of leverage? Tell me what the leverage is.

- I would feel like it's a seller's market. I would feel like, OK, like--

- So you would be comfortable with Dez Bryant being a free agent.

- I would-- what I would feel like is, it would almost be a game of chicken, right? Will you cut me? Like, will you actually, because--

- Yeah, well, this is the thing. I've been in the locker room. I've seen too many guys cut. I don't like to play with guys' salary and they career. It's so easy to sit here on TV and be like, hey, you know something? I don't think they can cut me. But the reality is, when you see guys walking in and out of the door or where you are, you realize that that is a real possibility.